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Organic traffic increased

64% year on year

The University of Cambridge is an internationally renowned educational establishment.

We’ve worked with Koozai for seven years and in that time we’ve seen improvements in our organic search rankings, and consistent growth in organic traffic to our website. The team I work with at Koozai are proactive, friendly and knowledgeable. I feel they have a good strategic understanding of our organisation and I trust their expertise.

Lexie HoskinsDigital Content Co-ordinator

The Challenge

  1. Increase traffic from organic search
  2. Increase rankings for main keywords
  3. Increase the number of sign-ups
  4. Build a global awareness of the brand

The Strategy

We’ve established a strong working relationship with Cambridge International Examinations, and in this time we’ve strengthened their SEO to such a high standard that not only have we seen incredible year-on-year results, but we’ve also pushed ourselves to think outside of the box when it comes to our approach.

Thorough long-tail keyword research and targeting, capitalising on low-hanging fruits, in-depth website structure refinement and optimising the site for mobile has ensured that the project has maintained its solid organic growth in an ever-evolving SEO landscape.

The Results

  • 2014 vs 2015 organic traffic Grew by 66%
  • 2015 vs 2016 organic traffic Grew by 47%
  • # of Position-1 rankings 20

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