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Driving increased organic traffic and rankings.

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Boring Money became a client of Koozai in 2018 with a core focus on growing organic visibility and lifting brand awareness. Over a tenure of 18 months, Koozai were able to dramatically increase organic traffic, and consistently surpass forecasts through delivery of collaborative organic strategy comprising SEO, content & PR.

The Brief

Drive organic traffic and rankings incrementally month-on-month (MoM) and year-on-year (YoY).

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The Challenge

The finance industry is a hugely competitive market which is often saturated by global banks, lenders and brokers. Boring Money publishes articles and whitepapers that not only compete for the non-brand keywords but also many competitor brand terms (e.g. Santander Cash ISA guide). For most businesses you can immediately allocate any branded keywords to rank in position one, however organic traffic coming from brand terms advertised through Boring Money is much more diluted.

Making an impact in a fiercely competitive market which already hosts several articles on the approach to finance makes the search landscape cluttered too. Luckily for Koozai, Boring Money’s content is so engaging that it immediately did the talking whilst we took care of site optimisation and link acquisition.

How We Helped

Delivering a comprehensive organic strategy that was predominantly based around on-page recommendations. Optimising a mass content house of both existing and new articles, syncing up internal editorial calendars with seasonal search behaviour to inform content gaps and addressing fundamental technical issues through regular management of crawl errors and indexation parameters on site.

Utilising the brand message of cutting through the financial jargon to make smart investments, our PR team was able to reach out to large database of journalists, providing supporting statements and contributing articles (provided by Boring Money) to gain extensive PR coverage and obtain local links. This significantly build up the authority of the site, complimenting the previous success achieved through our SEO and content recommendations.

Boring Money Screenshot
Boring Money Screenshot

What Happened Next

Boring Money showed significant growth in organic traffic at a consistent level, showing big strides in MoM and YoY growth.


Comparing 2019 vs 2018 performance, Boring Money achieved 177% growth in organic traffic and improved the number of keywords ranking in the top ten position by 294%.

Despite occasional Q4 seasonal fluctuations, organic traffic and rankings also consistently grew MoM.

This really demonstrates the value of a holistic organic strategy encompassing SEO, content and PR to gain immediate market share in a fiercely competitive industry.

Thanks to a comprehensive organic strategy from Koozai, the Boring Money website performance has vastly improved, with better rankings and increased traffic.

Mikhail Ismail Head of Projects and Client Content
  • 177% growth in organic sessions
  • 14% average MoM increase in organic session since 2017
  • 294% growth in volume of keyword ranking position 1 to 10

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