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Digital Marketing Agency Affiliate Program

Partner & Earn Commission On Referrals

Refer your leads to a respected digital marketing agency that achieves results

Are you a small business, freelancer or consultant?

Sometimes it’s just not possible to meet every one of your clients’ needs. As a company grows, so, too, will its ambitions. You shouldn’t have to miss out on business simply because you’re unable to meet these requirements personally, or in-house. Hiring and training a new team can cost time and money, as can outsourcing to specialists. But what if there were a simpler solution? By connecting with Koozai as part of our digital marketing agency affiliate program, we can work together to ensure you’re still able to meet your clients’ increasing needs.

Are you a large agency working with big budget clients?

On the other end of the spectrum, you may be a business that works with larger clients with more spending power, but still receive some leads or requests from smaller clients with smaller budgets. If these clients are not suitable for your roster, we have a referral partnership whereby you can refer them to us, and in turn, any large-scale projects we receive which are too resource-heavy for our team, we can refer onto you too.

Sharing skills across the board

Another benefit to starting a digital agency partnership with Koozai is around sharing the expertise. We understand that we can’t be all things to all clients, so if we receive a lead for a service we don’t provide, and you do, we’ll refer them to your business. This means that every client receives recommendations enabling them to work with true experts across the board.

We work with some amazing brands!

What does it mean to partner with Koozai

Your clients need effective digital marketing campaigns delivered by experienced professionals with a proven track record. If you choose Koozai as your affiliate agency, clients have access to established experts in SEO, content marketing, digital PR, paid media and paid social. Past and present clients of ours span across hospitality, travel and leisure, finance, tech, construction and more, and we’ve got some great examples of what we’ve achieved – you can find out more details in our case studies and testimonials. We understand that if you would like to partner with us as your affiliate marketing agency, it needs to work both ways. We already have some successful partnerships with experienced digital marketing professionals, and are looking forward to growing our roster to benefit businesses and clients alike.

“I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Koozai on a few projects to ensure the client receives the best service possible across all their chosen focus areas. Utilising Koozai’s expertise as an agency partner has really helped to build customer trust and meet their needs, and when you’re also getting fantastic results across the board, it’s more than worthwhile. What you get with Koozai that many companies in the digital marketing sector miss is the full understanding of business needs. The attention to detail is hugely impressive and they always go the extra mile in working – especially in collaboration – with others involved in the marketing process –  I highly recommend Koozai as a partner marketing agency.” – Richard Thomas, Design Web Consultancy Ltd

Who do we partner with?

Our digital marketing affiliate program is ideal for the following businesses and individuals:

  • Digital marketing agencies that want to expand their offering
  • Specialist freelancers or consultants
  • Web designers and developers
  • PR teams
  • IT and hosting companies

An affiliate agency offers the ideal route to grow and develop your connections with clients, and by partnering with Koozai, you’re connecting your clients with the right people for the job.

We’re committed to you and your clients

The benefits of choosing Koozai as your digital marketing partner

Koozai’s digital marketing partner program is simple and beneficial to both you and your clients. All you need to do is refer your client, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll treat your client as we do our own and ensure that a clear and effective strategy is put in place to meet their requirements. This means that you can rest assured they’re receiving outstanding service right from the very beginning. No matter which service you need support for, your clients will benefit from expert digital marketing advice from an industry-leading agency. In addition, to ensure it’s beneficial for you too, our partnerships have a commission scheme, so you’re still able to earn from the work your clients undertake with Koozai. We’re always on the lookout for exciting opportunities with new professionals, so if you’re searching for a well-respected, results-driven affiliate marketing agency to work with, please get in contact with us today.

A digital marketing affiliate program to benefit you and your clients

  • Your clients gain unparalleled access to dedicated digital marketing experts
  • Benefit from a referral relationship to ensure our clients get the best results
  • World-class customer service and proven results to help strengthen client loyalty
  • Save time and money by partnering with an experienced, trusted agency

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