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Your Content Marketing Done Right — we'll create and promote engaging content that attracts, retains and engages your audience; giving you increased brand value, citations & site authority.

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Engaging Content Marketing

Content lovers rejoice: the time is now to start enhancing your content using our variety of content marketing services.

We know that every corner of the Internet is an opportunity to showcase your brand. At Koozai, we love nothing more than weaving our magic with a powerful content campaign that puts your brand under lots of new sets of eyes.

It’s time to ditch the drab text and start creating targeted, high-quality, sticky content (the good kind of sticky) that’s curated by our team of industry experts.

Digital Marketing Rocket-Fuel

We create quality content for people, not robots. By revitalising your brand copy with SEO-friendly, helpful and interesting content, your business will eventually reap tonnes of benefits.

We’ll run detailed audits of your competitors and surrounding industry to create innovative content ideas, using the latest industry tools to stay ahead of the pack. And, we’ll develop a bespoke content strategy which is focused around your business goals.

Intrigued by our content marketing services? What flavour takes your fancy?

We do all this and so much more, because we love content marketing!

Each of our content marketing services is tailored to you. So whether you’re looking for blog posts and other copywriting services, brand management or an interactive campaign, Koozai has the expertise to deliver.

Contact us today for more details on how to break the status quo and transform your content into something incredible.

Go on, your brand deserves it.

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Be Seen with Social Media Management

Get Your Content Social — we'll build your social network and conversations which builds your brand's trust & positioning; giving you increased reach for social seeding.

Start With Social

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re about to go on an exciting social adventure. It’s time to unlock the potential of your brand with the power of social media, get close to your customers and champion them as ambassadors.

Social Media is word of mouth on steroids; your followers can be free advertising by sharing titbits of your content on their channels to their followers. Good content can spread like wildfire in the right hands: our Social Media experts can help you create fierce campaigns, and who doesn’t want that?

Organic Social

Social media is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal and any digital marketing strategy worth its salt will include this. One of the most cost-effective ways to display your content and get your brand seen by an engaged audience, social media is a must have for any brand. However, organic social can’t always reach your customers, particularly with the algorithms on these platforms and this is where paid social comes into it.

Paid Social

Paid social is quite simply, paying for your ads or content to be seen on social media. The pay-to-play element came into force when algorithms changed and impacted who could see your organic content. Essentially, if your engagement has slowed down dramatically, or perhaps stopped completely, paid social is your natural next move and should be integrated into your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Management From Koozai

We have the skills and know-how to make your brand’s social media campaign a success, all thanks to our fresh methods. From Facebook and Twitter to Video marketing we squeeze every drop of creative juice into your social media.

This is how we do it:

  • Identify the right social media channels to build your brand
  • Produce an actionable social media strategy
  • Curate a strong customer base
  • Create innovative campaigns
  • Create sharable content
  • Identify key influencers and build relationships

If ever you were waiting for an opportunity to jump into social media, now is it. Our team of dedicated social butterflies are waiting for you.

Seeding and Promotion Image

Expand Your Reach With Content Seeding and Promotion

Get Your Content Noticed By Those Who Matter Most — we'll get your content to the influencers which amplifies its reach and success; giving you increased shares and trust metrics.

Supercharge Your Content Marketing Strategy

Creating great content is no longer enough. The digital world is a pretty busy place, and your content can be gone forever with the click of a button, so it’s vital to take that extra step to guarantee that your brand stands out from the competition.

At Koozai we love a bit of competition – it excites us and challenges us to continually deliver fresh content ideas that work.

Make Sure Your Brand is Heard

We use the latest influencer research tools and techniques to target those who have the largest impact on your business.

We’ll reach out to influencers and advocates of your business with social seeding whilst working hard to get the best opportunities for your brand to be seen and heard.

Hand-Tailored Promotional Reporting

The detailed promotional process is methodically planned and scheduled alongside your content marketing report, making sure you’re kept up to date with all our promotional efforts. After all, the devil is in the detail.

We won’t stop there. We’ll utilise the latest in social reporting technology to track the performance of the promotion and monitor content pickups, brand mentions, business influencers and more.

Content Promotion, The Koozai Way

If you’ve got great content but don’t know how to get it seen, contact us.

Our promotional activities include:

  • Influencer outreach
  • Blogger interaction
  • News watch
  • Newsjacking
  • Community discussions
  • Social seeding

And much, much more.

We believe that every brand has the right to be heard. So let’s get yours shouting from the rooftops.

Content Design Image

Creative Content and Flawless Design

See your content ideas come to life — we'll create beautiful & targeted content which achieves its goal whilst staying true to brand; giving you a shareable asset that increases trust metrics.

Koozai Knows Content

The definition of ‘content marketing’ may be constantly changing, but two things are certain: you no longer simply create content for the sake of it, and Koozai knows content like the back of its hand.

We create rich, worthwhile content that delivers the best possible results time and time again.

Streamlining The Creation Process

Your brand needs an online presence to make an impact in today’s over-saturated content-cattle market, and the best way to do this is through innovative and eye-catching content.

Creative content marketing can take your business to new heights. Whether you aim to entertain, inform, educate or simply get your voice heard, our content creation and development services are specifically tailored to your needs.

From the planning and strategy stage right through to the design, creation, publication and promotion, Koozai will be on hand every step of the way.

Implementing Successful Ideas

Isn’t it time your brand began benefiting from quality content?

From informative articles and comprehensive user guides to visually stunning interactive content, Koozai has the expertise and the tools to deliver groundbreaking content for your business.

Stop creating content for content’s sake, and start engaging your users with intelligent, informed and targeted campaigns. Contact the marketing team at Koozai today to crank up your content.

Content Planning Image

See Your Content Come To Life With Detailed Content Planning

Detailed Content Planning Designed To Boost Your Campaign — we'll thoroughly research and plot out relevant content which underpins all content marketing activity; giving you confidence in the future results.

Roadmaps To Success

Good content marketing doesn’t just aid your existing digital campaigns – it makes them. Kind of like a good bit of icing enhances a cake (mmm, cake!).

Fuel Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

The key to success behind any great content campaign is of course a good idea, but there’s also stuff working hard in the background, like a detailed content planning strategy. It doesn’t sound particularly glamorous but it underpins the amazing content that we put out there.

A thoroughly developed plan can mean the difference between success and failure for many content marketing campaigns.

Koozai are experts in adding a little spice to an idea and bringing content marketing plans to life. Some may say it’s the spice of life, but we’d never use such a cliché. Nope, never.

The Backbone Of Content Marketing

Your brand deserves more than a few pieces of unconnected content. You deserve a clear, well-thought-out plan created to deliver the very best results.

That’s where Koozai’s content marketing experts come in, working alongside your brand to create a plan that pleases your customers whilst meeting your goals.

Each content planning strategy is completely unique, tailored to fit your brand. Looking at the industry and challenging perceptions, we’ll use the latest content marketing tools and practices to make an awesome and engaging campaign.

Smarter Content Planning

We’ll send you clear content plans at the beginning so you know what’s being created, when, why and how. We’ll also detail the steps we’ll take to target influential people in your industry and always keep the plans bang on your goals.

Armed with our fool-proof content marketing plans, you’ll understand how each and every piece of content we create has been specifically designed to enhance your brand.

Of course, we know that the online world is constantly changing and we love the fast-paced ways of the Internet – it keeps us on our toes. But it’s also why all our plans are completely fluid, adapting to your needs and allowing your brand to stay up to date with new content types and time-sensitive activities.

Want to take your content to the next level? Speak to the content marketing team at Koozai today to get started.

Content Strategy Image

Develop Winning Ideas With Content Marketing Strategy and Ideation

Fuel your Campaigns with Targeted Marketing Strategies — we'll create an agile plan for your content marketing that gives you a clear vision to achieve your content goals; giving you confidence in your content marketing activity.

Take your Content to the Next Level

Great content is nothing without an even greater content marketing strategy. Here at Koozai we make awesome content and design even more awesome strategies. We’re focussed on meeting your goals and objectives while reaching your target audience with a vast spectrum of content ideas.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Being ‘ideas people’, we can manage your content campaign from start to finish and flawlessly optimise it. Just like that.

Implementing Successful Ideas

At the beginning of every campaign, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your needs and wants, and we’ll talk through how we can help your business be the best it can be. We also do a thorough competitor analysis to understand your market and provide excellent insight into great topics and themes.

Ultimately, we create content for your customers.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

Want to take your content to the next level? Speak to the content marketing team at Koozai today to discuss how our targeted content marketing strategies can help your campaigns thrive.

Video Marketing Image

Tailored Video Marketing Services

Boost Engagement And Help Your Videos Convert For You — we'll create, produce and edit awesome video that gives your brand a face online; giving you increased trust and conversions.

Discover A New Way To Get Your Message Seen

You know what they say: a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, a video sings and shouts them.

So if you’ve invested time and money into creating great video content, why aren’t you doing the same when it comes to marketing it?

If you’ve got something good to say, we’ll help you share that message.

Choose Koozai To Help Boost Your Video

You stand to benefit immensely from Koozai marketing your videos. We’ll bring them to life and get them seen by the right people in the right places.

How do we do this? The first step is to optimise your content. We’ll ensure that your video has the right titles, tags and descriptions for it to rank well. From here it’s all about networking and exposure. Once the right person sees and shares it, the momentum will start to build and build.

We’re very knowledgeable (even if we do say so ourselves) and we’re experienced when it comes to video marketing. We regularly share our expertise, writing for major publications and presenting at leading industry conferences. We even launched our own TV channel with free and premium videos, based on the success of our own videos on digital marketing. You can watch us here.

More than just search engine geeks, we are also clued up when it comes to video. That’s why Koozai are your go-to video marketing experts and can add a little va-va-voom to your videos.

Ready To Start?

Our awesome team are here ready to strap a rocket to your digital marketing campaigns, so what are you waiting for?
Get in touch to find out more.

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Case Study

Driving leads for a huge pizza delivery and takeaway restaurant chain

4 More Reasons To Use Koozai

  • Establish your online voice with high-quality content
  • Facilitate your SEO and PPC campaigns with optimised content
  • Strategically planned campaigns that exceed business goals
  • In-depth situational audits ensure your content is always reaching the right audience

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