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Koozai is a multiple award-winning Content Marketing Agency in the UK with a flair for crafting remarkable content strategies, assets and campaigns since as far back as 2006. Our experienced team of content strategists and creators are skilled at helping our clients make their mark and cut through the noise. But more than anything, our mission is always to use the content on your website to drive performance against your marketing goals; be that traffic, leads, engagement, SEO performance, user experience, or brand positioning.

As an early player in the content and search marketing space, we’ve earned a reputation for impressive results with our content marketing services. Day in, day out, our skilled content team supports our variety of clients to improve their content in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and hit their digital marketing goals.

Our day job is to deliver effective content marketing services. Whether that be site-wide content strategies and data-led content production for SEO performance, or user experience and engagement. We have the experience to create visually impactful content assets, content marketing campaigns, carefully-crafted blog posts and commercial pages.

Our content specialists are highly talented and have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes to improve their onsite content offering. We’re also experienced across a number of sectors, from construction and finance to hospitality, travel, healthcare and ecommerce (to name only a few).

Our experience across different industries highlights the importance of always having a tailored approach; we’re not working from fixed templates and never have done. Whatever your content marketing goals are, we’ll listen to your individual needs and work with you to create a content strategy that’s designed to work for your business and to help you stand out, working your way up the SERPs.

Content marketing services

More than just ‘copy’, your website’s content marketing is your online shop window. It’s what grabs attention on social media. It’s the gateway to encouraging users on your website to invest in you. And it’s a key SEO ranking factor because content is how the users of search engines like Google find you.

Your site’s content also reflects how your prospects see you. Utilised in the right way, that can be a powerful tool for positioning your brand and driving engagement.
Koozai’s content marketers, writers and strategists are experienced in several areas and can offer content marketing services such as:

Content SEO strategy service

It’s an oldie but still highly relevant; ‘content is king’. Good quality, people-first, keyword-relevant content is one of the most powerful SEO ranking factors out there because it’s what search engines crawl, index and serve to their users. Using our cutting-edge tools and content expertise, we’ll craft bespoke, data-driven content SEO strategies around your business needs. We can then work with you to create that content and publish it across your website to drive results (see digital content and SEO copywriting section below).

Content design & production service

We can create content assets like infographics, whitepapers and ebooks to larger design-led landing pages, video content and interactive content assets. Our content creators and designers regularly work together to craft compelling assets for our clients that engage users onsite and drive conversions and SEO performance.

Digital content & SEO copywriting service

Our in-house copywriters are skilled at creating keyword-driven content that performs in search engines. From keyword research to writing SEO-friendly content across commercial, company and blog pages, our content writers will tailor their approach to ensure that your content has the best chances of ranking in search engines while making sure that your brand personality still shines through.

On-page content creation service

If you’re just launching a new website, or your existing content needs a refresh, then our website content service can help. Having well-written, engaging, people-first, keyword-targeted content is essential to performing well in search engines and creating an excellent customer experience. From product and service landing pages to blog posts, Frequently Asked Questions and company information pages, we’ve written content for numerous websites across a wide range of industries.

Blog content creation service

Our team of Koozai content writers regularly produce well-researched, well-written, optimised blog posts, articles and long-tail content for our clients’ websites. From finance, construction and e-commerce content to healthcare, travel and technology, we’re well versed in content across a range of different industries.

Social media content service

While most prospects start their journey to purchasing through search engines, we also understand the power of social media platforms in leveraging your content. If you’re looking to drive leads to your content with Paid Social Media or Paid Search advertising, then we have a whole team of Paid Media specialists who can help with that. When it comes to promoting your content organically on social media, we can work with you to craft social posts and content assets that can help support engagement on social media platforms.

Content promotion & outreach service

There’s no point in creating beautiful assets that no one reads. That’s why we’ve honed our skills in getting your content in front of the right audiences. There are a number of ways that we can promote your content. From keyword targeting so that it performs in search engines, to promotion on social media and through the media via PR campaigns. We can also work with our digital PR team to build backlinks to your content. Another key SEO ranking factor, links build website authority which helps it to perform competitively in search engines.

User experience and conversion rate optimisation service

At Koozai we understand that content is more than just SEO copywriting. In addition to organic search and positioning your brand correctly, your content needs to wow your audience. Great content is all about providing a seamless customer experience that makes your website easy for users to navigate, find what they’re looking for, and ultimately make a purchase. We can also support with optimising your existing content to help improve the quality and number of leads to your website.

Off-site content production service

In addition to digital content assets, our content specialists can also produce content for other marketing literature, such as sales materials, brochures, reports, editorials, advertorial articles and even email newsletters.

Website design and development support service

Our content team regularly produces fantastic written content and visual assets for our clients’ websites. However, if you’re looking for help with a website redesign, or need some dev support with a new page layout, then our website development team can help. We’ve helped redesign and launch several successful websites for our clients.

If you’d like to know more about what content marketing can do for your business, our content marketing training course is designed to give you a good overview of what content marketing is, what it encompasses, and what different strategy tasks can help you improve your content, and in turn, Google rankings.

Case Studies

Srixon Sports came to us with a clear need to grow relevant organic traffic to the website overall, with additional focus on their dedicated dealer locator page.

It wasn’t long after Srixon onboarded with Koozai that the COVID-19 global pandemic hit. Koozai continued to work with Srixon as the pandemic continued and lockdown ensued, and we were delighted that by June 2020, the hard work of our specialists and the Srixon team started to pay off, with positive YoY results beginning to come through.

The challenge associated with COVID-19 was a unique one, and traffic did drop quite substantially at the beginning of lockdown, but our team worked with Srixon to turn this around after only a few weeks, seeing traffic improve greatly from early June.

Overall, despite the issues of closed golf courses and the general uncertainty facing businesses across spring and summer 2020, Srixon’s year-on-year website data shows good growth.

Boring Money had a core focus on growing organic visibility and lifting brand awareness. Over a tenure of 18 months, Koozai were able to dramatically increase organic traffic, and consistently surpass forecasts through delivery of collaborative organic strategy comprising SEO, content & PR.

The finance industry is a hugely competitive market which is often saturated by global banks, lenders and brokers. Boring Money publishes articles and whitepapers that not only compete for the non-brand keywords but also many competitor brand terms (e.g. Santander Cash ISA guide). For most businesses you can immediately allocate any branded keywords to rank in position one, however organic traffic coming from brand terms advertised through Boring Money is much more diluted.

Making an impact in a fiercely competitive market which already hosts several articles on the approach to finance makes the search landscape cluttered too. Luckily for Koozai, Boring Money’s content is so engaging that it immediately did the talking whilst we took care of site optimisation and link acquisition.


A very knowledgeable team who are continuing to make an impact and improve our website. Excellent communication throughout keeping me informed every step of the way.


Tom BrownBrand Marketing Manager, UK & Ireland

Thanks to a comprehensive organic strategy from Koozai, the Boring Money website performance has vastly improved, with better rankings and increased traffic.


Mikhail IsmailHead of Projects and Client Content

Carrying out a website migration can be a stressful time but Koozai were ready for the technicalities involved and our worries about the potential loss of traffic were put to rest. The team worked closely with our design agency to support the entire transition.

Koozai has helped us to realise and fine-tune not only our online presence, but they’ve helped us to stand out from the crowd for the future.


Sarah BeanHead of Copy


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing goes hand-in-hand with SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. Content marketing is just one of the practises and techniques that goes into making a website rank competitively in search engines such as Google. The ultimate aim is to increase organic visibility in search engines when a user looks up keywords that are relevant to your brand. The way that content marketing contributes is through the creation of high-quality, keyword-focused copy that's relevant to your website pages and blog. Gaining more traffic from the most relevant terms not only leads to more and better quality traffic to your website, it can also positively impact sales, enquiries and leads.

What Are The Benefits of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is key when it comes to allowing users to find your brand, as after all, it's the content on the pages that Google is crawling. If your website has high-quality copy that's relevant to your business, products and services, that also makes good use of high search volume keywords, you're heading in the right direction.

It's also important to consider your target audience when crafting new content or amending existing copy, as it's important that your content is beneficial to the user. If you've thought about (and effectively answered) what queries they may have, your content will have the best chance of ranking in the search engines. Great content is imperative for the success of any brand in the search engine results pages, as great content = more visitors, and more leads.

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