Who Are Koozai?

We’re a creative bunch. We’re the dreamers and the doers, the crazy and the kooky. We’re not completely normal and we kind of like that.

What We Do

We provide internet marketing services, and we have a wide range of experience, expertise and tools to create and implement your campaigns, from carefully curating awesome content to optimising it online with our great SEO and PPC powers, not to mention exceptional social media skills.

The backbone to our strategic process is the data-backed content we create, which has been endlessly researched so it’s the best and most relevant it can be. Our team works hard to ensure that your content is served up like a big juicy steak (vegetarians also welcome), and we aren’t finished until we’ve served a delicious three-course meal that leaves you satisfied.

How We Do It

To get under the skin of your content, we match your project with the team members best-suited to it. We may be in digital marketing but we work human to human, so we’ll work closely with you to really get under the skin of your goals.

You’ll notice that we don’t like to overcomplicate things – so we only use technical jargon if we’re going for a triple-word score in Scrabble.

Where We Come From

Born in 2006, we’ve gone from strength to strength as an agency, with lots of awards firmly under our belt.

We were founded by Ben Norman – a pretty smart guy who knows a thing or two about digital marketing.

Help Us Help You

Here at Koozai we appreciate your goals and understand the confusing and crazy world of digital marketing, meaning we can guide you through the best avenue for your online objectives. We’ll recommend which internet marketing services would work best for your brand, all to make sure we’re in a position to smash your goals.

If you want to succeed online and you’re ready to explore the options available to you, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

How We’re Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

There’s no denying the importance of businesses reducing their carbon footprint, and at Koozai we’re doing our very best to achieve carbon neutrality. We’re doing our bit by supporting a number of projects committed to reducing carbon emissions, including supporting wind and solar power projects in India. We’re also a team of remote workers and have been since 2018, so we’re minimising our impact on the environment that way too, whilst still providing our clients with top-notch service and impressive ROI.

Get In Touch

Our awesome team are here ready to strap a rocket to your digital marketing campaigns, so what are you waiting for?
Get in touch to find out more.

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