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We’re Koozai, a website content creation agency with a talent for producing engaging, optimised digital content for our clients’ websites.

We’ve been delivering effective website content since 2006, creating compelling copy for clients’ websites that engages audiences and informs, entertains and inspires them. But truly exceptional website content also positions a brand correctly, tells stories, starts conversations with your prospects, nurtures relationships and even leads to higher quality traffic and conversions.

Not only that, but targeted web content will also help your prospects to find your website in search engines and to navigate it effectively to find what they need.

From product pages and commercial landing pages right through to your blog, our website creation services explores real-world data around what your site visitors engage with and what users of search engines are looking for. We can then use that data to create high-quality content assets for all the key pages of your website, giving your site the best possible chance of outranking your competitors. The higher your site ranks, the more traffic and potential for leads to your business.

At Koozai, our website content creators are both passionate and skilled at helping our clients to make their mark. But more than anything, their mission is to position your brand correctly and to drive performance against your digital marketing objectives; be that traffic, search rankings, leads, engagement, or even brand positioning. So, whether you’re looking to design a new website, or simply give your existing content a re-vamp, we’re here to help.

Our website content creators have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes across a number of sectors, from construction and finance to hospitality, travel, healthcare and ecommerce, so we’re confident that no matter your niche, we’re in a position to help drive traffic and conversions through effective content marketing.

We tailor our approach for each client, so you can rest assured that our strategy is far from one size fits all. Whatever your goals are, we’ll listen to your individual needs before crafting web copy that is designed to work for your business and to help bring your brand to the forefront of your target customers’ minds.

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Website content creation services

More than just ‘copy’, your website’s content is your online shop window in search engines like Google. It’s what grabs users’ attention. It engages users on social media. It’s the gateway to encouraging users on your website to invest in your services. And it’s a key SEO ranking factor because content is how the users of search engines like Google find you. Your site’s content also reflects how your prospects see you. Utilised in the right way, that can be a powerful tool for positioning your brand and driving engagement. Koozai’s website content writers are experienced in a number of areas and can offer digital content creation services including:

Product descriptions

Your product descriptions are what sell your products or services, so having well-optimised, well-written product descriptions is incredibly important. More than just copy, compelling product page content helps your e-commerce website to stand out from competitors, rank competitively in search engines and nurture leads to encourage conversions.

Commercial landing pages

We’ll write content across your website, including for commercial landing pages. Whether it’s a brand, key service or locations page, we’ll do the keyword research before putting pen to paper and crafting copy that has the potential to rank and provide a fantastic user experience.

Blog posts

Our team of website content writers regularly produce blog content for clients across a number of industry niches. From consumer blogs to more technical posts and thought leadership pieces, we are skilled and experienced in optimised blog post creation.

Social media content creation

We don’t just create website content. We can also help you with content and descriptions for your social media channels, including Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any industry-specific platforms that are relevant to your target audience.

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Metadata content

Great metadata is key for SEO and we’ll optimise your meta titles and meta descriptions to help make the most of the available search opportunities and to encourage click-throughs to your website.

Press releases

Did you know that we also have a PR team? Our experienced PR specialists craft press releases for clients across a number of industry niches every day. From product launches and company announcements to more technical updates or creative PR stories, our specialists are available to support any manner of digital PR efforts.

Email newsletters

In addition to content for your website, we can also help you with copy for your email newsletters too. Our aim here is to capture your prospects’ attention, engage them and encourage click thoughts to content too.

Creative content assets

It’s not all just about product pages. We can create copy for content assets that are meant to engage, entertain, inform or persuade your audiences. From reports, white papers and ebooks to infographics and interactives, we can help design them for you too.

Article writing

Whether it’s an article for your website, a magazine or an advertorial, our content and PR teams are experienced article writers. We work with clients across a number of industry niches to create compelling article content.

Content editing services

If you’ve already written your content, but need an expert eye to improve it for SEO or prospect engagement, then we can help. Our content team are great editors, and can craft your copy to make all the difference with readers and to enhance its performance in search engines.

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