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The making of a market leader: increasing impressions, clicks and conversions.

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With pioneering technology and advanced cancer treatments, GenesisCare is the global market leader in private Cancer care and treatment.

The Brief

GenesisCare’s brief to Koozai was to push their pioneering work in Radiotherapy, and to help make GenesisCare the market leader in cancer treatment.

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The Challenge

The main challenges were to improve online visibility, restructure GenesisCare’s AdWords account to increase efficiency, ensure all ad copy and targeting options were set up to maximise conversions, and increase the number of web form leads (conversions).

How We Helped

Koozai started work on the GenesisCare AdWords account in September 2016. Originally, GenesisCare operated with just four campaigns. In contrast, the account now operates with 68 campaigns, which gives GenesisCare far more control over where its budget is spent, whilst serving ads for all areas of the business and not just the biggest spenders. Giving these keywords the chance to pick up traffic resulted in an increase in impressions, clicks and conversions. This shows that some simple account management can lead to instant, visible results.

We created a location-based strategy to ensure that all ads were tailored to, and targeting local people in the areas around GenesisCare’s state-of-the-art treatment centres. Although cancer treatment is a costly service and people would potentially travel for it, those on the treatment centre’s doorstep are far more likely to convert and engage with GenesisCare, which results in more conversions.

And finally, we conducted an ad copy overhaul, including a full review of both the copy and extensions, to make sure all ads were relevant to the desired user.

GenesisCare Screenshot
GenesisCare Screenshot

What Happened Next

Once these changes had been made, the account saw a direct impact on click-through rates; in January 2018, the account had an overall 10% CTR. According to Wordstream, the average CTR for the health and medical industry stands at 1.79%, which shows the effectiveness of the account.


Since Koozai and GenesisCare began working together, conversions increase by 122% year on year!

  • Conversions increased by 122%
  • Cost per conversion reduced by 54%
  • Clicks increased by 83%

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