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Organic Traffic Increased

In Just One Year

A highly successful specialist retailer of bike parts and accessories.

Koozai came in and took control of our SEO work and the effects were immediate.

Huge increases in our organic traffic made our decision to hand over management of our PPC accounts even easier; it’s a decision we haven’t regretted since.

John MossManaging Director

The Challenge

  1. Increase search engine rankings and traffic
  2. Grow referral traffic from new channels
  3. Improve the architecture of a complicated e-commerce site
  4. Create a Google AdWords campaign to drive traffic via paid search

The Strategy

The Merlin Cycles website already had the advantage of having a good domain age and being an established brand name amongst biking enthusiasts.

However the site needed some widespread changes when it came to SEO in order to improve rankings in the search engines for the newly revised keywords and phrases. By re-evaluating the website, Koozai identified areas of weakness that they could then optimise in collaboration with Merlin Cycles.

For PPC we introduced new keywords and negative keywords into the account, helping to ensure that the adverts were only showing for targeted searches, whilst also removing unnecessary broad match campaigns. Landing pages were a priority too; ensuring that all ads were pointing to optimal selling pages would help ensure a decrease in bounce rate.

The Results

  • YOY Website Traffic Increased by 75%
  • Organic Traffic Increased by 190%
  • Conversion Rates Peaked at 3.05%

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