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Conversion rate increased by

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A leading ground transfer provider since 2002, covering over a million routes to destinations in over 50 countries, with more destinations being added all the time.

The Challenge

  1. Most importantly, the account was not profitable
  2. Conversion rates were already strong, but in a competitive travel market, average CPCs had been rising since mid-2016 which was impacting ROAS
  3. The number of routes covered had been reduced in order to save costs. We wanted to expand the account to ensure we generated sales across a wider range of routes.
  4. We needed to create a new account structure that allowed us to manage traffic across a wide range of specific routes, offering users relevant ads and landing pages

The Strategy

We took this right back to the beginning, working with the client to get a full idea of the routes we needed to cover in the account. We then looked at what we had running in the account, stripped out poorly performing keywords, and filled the gaps with additional keywords and routes that were missing.

With this new keyword list, we made tightly structured campaign and ad groups, and decided to split match types out into separate ad group, in order to keep one campaign per the base of each route. This left us with a very clear and concise structure as the foundation of our new account, in which we had close control over negative keywords as well as a platform for providing highly relevant ads for each search term.

With a mix of keywords that included one or both of the base and destination from each route, we were also able to send users to the most helpful landing page and offer relevant ad extensions for their search.

Once the new account was launched, we had a platform for highly effective optimisations. Meaning we were able to easily expand on positive and negative keywords, adjust bids and push budget in the areas with the strongest return. We had great success implementing positive bid adjustments on mobile, that worked particularly well in conjunction with aggressive audience bid modifiers when users returned to search on desktop.

The Results

  • Average CPCs fell by 37%
  • Conversion rate improved by 60%
  • ROAS grew by 100%

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