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Organic Sales Increased

In Just One Year

A leading and established online pet supplies store offering a wide range of pet food, toys and accessories.

Since working with Koozai we've managed to improve our rankings, increase visitor numbers and increase the number of people interacting with our brand through social media.

As an agency, they are proactive, easy to work with and provide a professional service.

Jack TitmussOnline Marketing Manager

The Challenge

  1. Increase the volume of traffic to the main website and blog
  2. Improve website visibility and rankings by targeting specific long-tail search terms
  3. Establish the brand as an expert in the pet industry
  4. Attract a new audience for people who are looking to buy their first pet

The Strategy

Koozai carried out in-depth competitor analysis and market research and identified a gap in the market for content primarily geared towards new pet owners.

The idea was to create a series of comprehensive user guides specifically for first time pet owners. From dogs through to birds and pond fish; GJW Titmuss would host a guide for all the popular pets.

This evergreen content was designed to increase the volume of relevant traffic to the client’s site and blog, educate new pet owners, and establish GJW Titmuss as experts in their industry.

A dedicated pet user guides section was created on the blog to host the content, with 11 detailed and informative pet guides uploaded to-date. The section will continue to expand as the project continues.

The Results

  • Year on Year Organic Sales Increased by 94%
  • Within Seven Months Organic Traffic Increased by 90%
  • Of Total Blog Traffic The Pet Guide Generates 19.6%

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