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Organic Revenue Increased by 91%

year on year

Fluid Branding is the UK’s leading supplier of branded promotional merchandise, as well as an experienced provider of merchandise solutions.

The guys at Koozai are great. Their fresh thinking and commercial awareness means we’ve seen our year-on-year revenue from organic rise by a massive 91%. Can’t grumble at that.

Tom MercerDigital Marketing Manager

The Challenge

  1. Drive revenue from organic traffic sources
  2. Increase national search visibility
  3. Reduce reliance on paid media
  4. Increase overall brand awareness

The Strategy

Fluid Branding relied heavily on PPC in order to drive traffic to their site, so improving their organic search and revenue became our biggest priority. Focusing on technical SEO and content, we assisted with driving traffic to key pages on the site and helped broaden their search visibility for a range of important keywords.

By improving Fluid Branding’s internal navigation and the linking between key pages, we enabled search engines to crawl the site, as well as dramatically improved the usability for all visitors, in relation to site navigation and browsing.

Through on-page content, we optimised the site to target relevant search queries, improving the targeting of key pages while also improving the click-through rate from search results. These optimisations helped to increase traffic to deep URLs from organic search by 64%.

The Results

  • Organic traffic year on year increased by 54%
  • Organic revenue year on year increased by 91%
  • Y-o-Y Transactions from organic search up 53%

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