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Exposure in The Sun and Cosmopolitan for BuzzPinky

Causes 35% increase in referral traffic

A leading adult store that’s passionate about fun and fantasy. The company sells sex toys, educates its audience about love and relationships and tackles issues around sexuality.

The Content Marketing from Koozai has given us exceptional exposure and has been invaluable for us in terms of developing our brand, which is one of our main focuses. To date, we’ve had articles in Cosmopolitan online and The Sun and these have enabled us to communicate our brand voice and messaging to a wider target audience.

Chris RiceDirector

The Challenge

  1. Showcase BuzzPinky as an industry expert on taboo sexual topics
  2. Acquire media coverage for the brand in leading mainstream publications
  3. Produce informative and educational content on sexuality and intimacy
  4. Increase awareness to strengthen the BuzzPinky brand

The Strategy

BuzzPinky were keen to leverage content to communicate its brand message. As a brand in the sex industry, it was vital that content explored sex and intimacy, and dispelled myths and taboos about certain sexual subjects.

It was imperative that credibility and trust were built and communicated through any Content Marketing activity Koozai carried out.

The content strategy was centred around creating pieces that address sexual taboos, with an anal sex beginner’s guide offering a strong platform to outreach to leading publications to gain exposure.

  • The Sun Logo
  • Cosmopolitan Logo

The Results

  • Inbound links from coverage10
  • Social shares from pieces Achieved 718
  • Referral traffic increased by 35%

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