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Increasing conversions (and reducing cost) for the world’s biggest travel group

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TUI was looking for an extensive digital marketing campaign to reduce the cost of conversion and drive more converting traffic by highlighting exclusive deals and destinations.

The Brief

TUI came to Koozai to drive their account performance for three sub-brands – school tours, music tours and student tours – with a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Tui Travel PLC Image

The Challenge

To drive more traffic to the website and convert more leads at a higher conversion rate and optimise the exclusive deals and destination packages that were on offer.

How We Helped

We researched 90 core product types to identify over 1,793 of the highest-potential keywords to be used in 279 highly targeted ad groups.

Tui Travel PLC Screenshot
Tui Travel PLC Screenshot

What Happened Next

Over 630 adverts were made and split across the ad groups to allow for split testing. The text of these adverts was designed to reflect the exclusive deals and properties that TUI could offer, in line with its core objectives.


This campaign was incredibly successful and produced some fantastic results, including a 300% increase in click-through rates and a 69% decrease in cost per conversion.

The Education Division has gained more traction in the last 7 years than ever before and the PPC project by Koozai was a large part of that success.

Viv Lonsdale Web Analytics Manager
  • Click-through Rates Increased 300%
  • Conversions Increased by 700%
  • Cost per Conversion Reduced by 69%

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