Digital Marketing Glossary

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Hard bounce

This is related to email marketing and is where an email cannot be delivered for a permanent reason, for example the email address is wrong or recipient unknown. Having a high percentage of hard bounces is not what you want – these can be caused by the email address not existing, or the server blocking delivery.

Hashtag (#)

A hashtag symbol is used on social media indicating a post’s theme, topic, or related topics. A post including a dress might have hashtags such as #fashion #outfit #outfitoftheday. Initially made popular on Twitter but are now used across most social media channels.

Header Response Code

The code a URL returns that indicates whether the page is live or specifies the type of issue if not. E.G: 200, 404, 500


A data visualisation of a webpage or email which indicates users’ behaviour through ‘hot spots’ and ‘cold spots’. IE where people have interacted with a page, or not.


A label attached to a host on the Internet, allowing an individual server to be identified. For example, is a hostname, whereas by itself is a domain name.

House ad

Self-promotional ad a company runs on their own site/network to use unsold inventory.

HREF lang

Set across multiple TLDs to indicate to search engines that each is a foreign language and/or internationally targeted version of the same site.


Stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the standard language for websites.

HTML banner

a banner ad using HTML elements, often including interactive forms instead of (or in addition to) standard graphical elements.


the latest version of HTML markup used across the World Wide Web. This covers more updated multimedia support and increases readability for users and bots from previous versions.


The main protocol for the web

HTTP Status Code

The code a URL returns that indicates whether the page is live or specifies the type of issue if not.


Secure version of the HTTP protocol

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