Digital Marketing Glossary

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A/B testing

The process of testing 2 variants (A and B) to see which one delivers better results. The variations can be anything from changes in copy, call-to-actions, landing pages etc and gives you a good indication of how to move forward.

A.I (Artificial Intelligence)

Machine learning designed to imitate human response, performance, and intelligence – no longer a thing of the future!

Abandonment rate

The percentage of site visitors who began a defined conversion process but abandoned the site before completing it.

Above the fold

This is the section of a web page that is visible before you begin scrolling down. It’s recommended that important information is placed above the fold. Sometimes referred to as ATF.

Ad blocking

Preventing adverts from loading on a webpage.

Ad exchange

A platform that facilitates ad placement bidding. Effectively an online, automated auction house.

Ad extensions

Additional information about your business that can be added to ad copy, such as an address, phone number or links to specific pages on your website.

Ad space

The available spaces on a webpage for adverts.


(see Search Engine Submission)

Advertising network

A network representing many websites in selling advertising, allowing advertising buyers to reach broad audiences relatively easily through run of category and run of network buys.


Someone (usually an influencer) who is working with another brand to earn a commission from their sales.

Affiliate marketing

This is the process of partnering with another brand or influencer (aka affiliate) who can earn commission by promoting another brand’s products or services. Providing discount codes associated with the affiliate is a common practice.

Affiliate software

Software that provides tracking and reporting of commission based on the results of the affiliate.


A computer-based mathematical formula that follows a set of rules or problem-solving operations. Google and Amazon are key companies that work with complicated algorithms.

ALT text

Standing for ‘alternative text’, this is an HTML attribute that shows when non-textual elements such as images don’t render properly. If not automatically generated, you’ll need to populate this yourself.

Anchor text

When you’re on a webpage and you’re able to click a link through to somewhere else, the text you click on is called the anchor text. It should be written to give a clear indication of the page or file it’s linking to

Animated GIF

A graphics interchange format (GIF) creates a looped moving animation through rotating static images. These are easily embedded into webpages and blog posts.

API (Application Program Interface)

An API is a way of getting specific information from other applications or websites, which you can use for a variety of different needs. It is similar to a set of tools used for building a software application. The better the tools, the easier it is to make a good product. In the case of an API, the better the API, the easier it is to develop a program.


A group or groups of specific people or ‘personas’ who you direct your marketing efforts towards as they are most likely to convert.


When a process is controlled automatically and requires no human input.


A program that sends an automatic form response to incoming emails.

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