Digital Marketing Glossary

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Landing page

A landing page the page that a user will ‘land’ on after clicking on an advert or an entry in the SERPs. A landing page can be classed a specific category page of some sort, but it can also be a temporary page which is linked to a specific marketing campaign. You want to use landing pages to entice potential customers to learn more about your brand or your offer and convert them.


We like leads as they’re people who have shown interest in your product and can be targeted in order to convert.

Lead generation

Lead generation is where your marketing techniques aim to attract the attention of brand new potential customers. You want to grab their attention and then get them interested in your product, so your goal could be to get them to sign up for your newsletter or fill out a form to enquire about a free demo. You want to generate new customer interest, so they become new leads for your business.

Lead magnet

A lead magnet is something that is given away to prospective customers in return for information. For example, exchanging an email address for a free marketing guide would be classed as a lead magnet.

Lead nurturing

This is where you want your customers to feel informed and confident in your products, so they convert to make a purchase. It’s making sure you have suitable content and information at every stage of the marketing funnel, in turn ‘nurturing’ them through each stage.

Lifecycle (customer lifecycle)

Similar in some ways to a marketing funnel, you want your customers to follow a journey. Once they become aware of your brand you want to acquire their interest through nurturing them. If they convert, be sure that your marketing efforts post-purchase give them every opportunity to want to buy from you again, and by this point, hopefully they’ll love your products so much that they become advocates for your brand and recommend you to others.


A barrier requiring a user to “Like” a brand’s page before they can access certain content from that brand on Facebook.

Link bait

Publishing interesting and insightful content which will naturally gain links without the need to push through outreach.

Link building

Gaining backlinks to your website from other sites to help increase your site’s overall authority. Links from higher domain authority websites are worth more for building your own site’s authority.

Link checker

A tool you can use to check for broken hyperlinks on your website. We recommend using a link checker for the general maintenance of your site.

Log file

File that records the activity on a Web server.

Long domain name

Domain names longer than the original 26 characters, up to a theoretical limit of 67 characters (including the extension, such as .com).

Long-tail keyword

Long-tail keywords are keywords which usually contain more words and are more specific in their intent.

Lookalike audience

Used for paid social advertising, a lookalike audience is a pool of prospects who closely resemble an existing audience. Targeting a lookalike audience is a good way to reach new people who are more likely to engage with your ads.

LTV (Lifetime Value)

This is quite an important metric for ecommerce businesses, as it’s essentially how much money a customer will bring to your brand over their lifetime as a paying customer.

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