Digital Marketing Glossary

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An e-commerce website is one that buys and or sell through the internet.


An online magazine, or electronic magazine.

Email lists

Email addresses collated through online forms and opting into email newsletters which can then be used for email marketing.

Email marketing

Direct marketing to a list of email addresses to inform them of products / sales / company news / new content etc.

Engagement rate

This is a valuable metric used to describe the amount of social media interaction a post, ad, or campaign has. This is usually measured based on interactions like Comments, Shares, and Likes.

ESP (Email Service Provider)

Not in this case a sixth sense, but an application that hosts your email, such as Outlook, Yahoo, GMail etc.

Event tracking

If you want to track beyond revenue and conversion metrics, keep an eye on Event Tracking. This is a method for analytics and social (e.g. using Facebook’s pixel) that helps you track your customers’ journey every step of the way by analysing certain behaviours like form fills, cart additions, or newsletter sign-ups.

Evergreen content

Content that doesn’t have a shelf life when it comes to relevancy. For example, content around current trending news topics will stop being relevant once the news has moved on.

Exact match

Refers to a keyword match type for PPC advertising that offers the most specific and precise control over ad targeting. The user’s search query must ‘exactly match’ the keyword in the account (although this is more lenient than it once was)

Unlike 08 numbers, 03 numbers cost the same to call as geographic landline numbers (starting 01 and 02), even from a mobile phone. They are also normally included in your inclusive call minutes. Please note we may record some calls.

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