Digital Marketing Glossary

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B2B (Business to Business)

Businesses that focus on selling their products or services to other businesses and not the end consumer.

B2C (Business to Consumer)

Businesses that focus on selling their products or services to the end consumer and not to other businesses.


When another website links back to your website.

Banner ad

An advertising space on a webpage which is shaped like a banner. Banner ads are typically found towards to the top of a page and can be effective at gaining attention due to the space they command.

Banner blindness

When users consciously or unconsciously ignore banner ads as they are so used to seeing them.

Behavioural targeting

Advertising to audiences by utilising their previous web browsing behaviour

Below the fold

This is content on a webpage that a user needs to scroll down in order to view.

Bid modifiers

Bid modifiers let you make adjustments to bids at an audience, location, schedule, and other levels

Black hat SEO

SEO strategies that are against search engine guidelines including unprofessional techniques such as keyword stuffing. By using these techniques you are attempting to manipulate search engine algorithms to increase a site’s rankings on the SERPs.


Frequent article-like entries on a website which can explore thoughts and feelings or answer common user queries about a product or service. There are two types of blogs – personal and professional.

Bottom of the funnel

This is the final stage in the buying process when your potential customers are at the conversion stage. You want to entice them to convert using offers, free demos, or other tactics.

Bounce rate

This is where visitors to your website view a single page before leaving, or ‘bouncing’ off your site. This can be found in Google Analytics and is presented as a percentage. The lower the bounce rate the better.

Broad match

Refers to a keyword match type for PPC advertising that offers the broadest reach and widest range of targeting.

Button ad

Small adverts which typically appear as a small square or circle on a webpage – similar to a button.

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