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Hundreds of top brands, companies and media outlets trust us to give them the correct answers including:

Quality Content Marketing That Over Achieves

Good Content Marketing doesn’t just facilitate your existing Digital campaigns, it enhances them.

If you’re currently engaged in some form of Digital Marketing, content must now be employed for it to be a long term success.

Fuel Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

The benefits to your online brand are vast, including, but not limited to:

At Koozai, here’s how we do it

Strategy & Planning

The number of businesses conducting Content Marketing is on the rise – around 94%.

However, those that have employed an actual Content Marketing Strategy is much less, at only 47% (Source: Content Marketing Institute).

Give your campaign the edge – we take the time to understand your business objectives and goals inside and out.

Once these have been established, we will analyse your existing activities and audit the efforts of your competitors. Armed with all this knowledge we will devise and implement a comprehensive Content Marketing plan for up to six months.

Design & Creation

With extensive experience in online marketing, publishing and editing, our team is well skilled in designing and creating content to supplement your business’ marketing initiatives. The types of content we create include, but are not limited to:


If you build it, they won’t always come. So we take the content to where it’ll get seen. Having developed relationships with key influencers across a number of industries, we’re able to seed your content to the most relevant and authoritative people for maximum exposure.

Our promotion strategy works across the core media types; Owned, Earned and Paid ensuring your content achieves the maximum exposure it deserves.

What You Should Do

If you’re creating content for the sake of it, stop.

Consult with our specialists who can craft a purely tailored Content Marketing strategy, either separate to, or to dove-tail into any existing campaigns you’re running.

Don’t just facilitate – escalate your campaign to the next level with Content Marketing from Koozai.

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An Award Winning Digital Agency

We create cutting edge, award winning digital campaigns.

Don't just take our word for it

Since working with Koozai we’ve managed to improve our rankings, increase visitor numbers and increase the number of people interacting with our brand though social media.

As an agency, they are proactive, easy to work with and provide a professional service.

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