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Backlink Analysis and Penalty Removal

Is Your Backlink Profile Ready For The Next Penguin Update? — we'll analyse and audit your backlink profile to identify & remove risky low-quality links; giving you a safe, future-proof link profile.

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Good Links or Bad Links?

Did you know that the links pointing to your website can affect your rankings in search engines?

Whether you’ve invested time and money to optimise your site or you’re not even sure what link building is, you should read on, because these are pretty darn important.

Why Remove Backlinks?

Google’s Penguin algorithm targets links pointing to your website which have been built to show well in the search results.

Backlink removal is even more important in your SEO and digital marketing efforts as Google have released many updates of this advanced tool.

The algorithm is getting smarter. But so are we.

Here’s How We Do It

Our Digital Marketing Executives are highly skilled and experienced in backlink analysis – they know exactly which links need removing.

Our Koozai experts will:

  • Rigorously check your entire backlink profile using a number of trusted analysis tools
  • Manually review your referring links and domains to identify and isolate potential threats
  • Use specialist outreach techniques to have links removed or nofollowed
  • Liaise with Google over the type of links pointing to your site
  • Action a reconsideration request to Google for any penalties to be removed (if needed)

Why You Need to Act Now

If you can’t afford to disappear from the search engines (and guess what, you can’t) then you need to let Koozai handle your backlinks.

Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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Case Study

Improving online visibility for a highly successful specialist retailer

4 More Reasons To Use Koozai

  • We have a 100% record of revoking link penalties from Google
  • Our fastest removal success took just six weeks!
  • The team are dedicated, skilled and experienced in backlink analysis and removal
  • Our reporting is fully transparent, so you always know what is happening

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