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Achieve more traffic and conversions for your online store with our multi award-winning ecommerce SEO services.

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Koozai is a multiple award-winning Ecommerce Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency. Since 2006, we have specialised in helping online stores just like yours to achieve more traffic and conversions with our ecommerce SEO services.

Whether you’re a new online business or have an established ecommerce website that needs support, investing in ecommerce SEO is often the most effective method of driving traffic, leads, transactions and revenue to your website. However, with fierce competition for the lucrative top search rankings, it’s usually only the businesses that invest in quality SEO who see the best returns.

As an experienced ecommerce SEO agency, we’ve worked with online stores of all shapes and sizes. And as a company, we also regularly invest in staff training to ensure that we remain at the top of our game. So, whatever your website sells, you can be confident that our SEO team has the expertise you need to maximise returns through organic search.

Our ecommerce SEO specialists are commercially minded and understand that reaching the right audiences for your business, and encouraging them to convert, is just as important as driving traffic. That’s why we bake your business objectives into your ecommerce SEO strategies from the start.

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Our ecommerce SEO services

At Koozai we offer a whole range of effective ecommerce SEO services. So, whether you’re a new ecommerce website or a global online store, we have the right experts to help your ecommerce business get more traffic and leads.

Technical SEO

The hard truth is that any ecommerce website that lacks solid technical SEO foundations is likely to underperform in search engines. This means missed opportunities for traffic and leads. That’s why Koozai’s ecommerce SEO specialists routinely perform technical SEO audits and reviews for the ecommerce businesses we work with. Our team will audit and analyse your website to ensure that search engines can properly find, crawl and index your content for the best visibility. We’ll also provide actionable recommendations that can make a real difference to performance in search engines.

Product and category page optimisations

Our content and SEO specialists are experts in reviewing, editing and writing excellent copy for ecommerce product and category pages. Not only do we write well-optimised content, but our writers also have the experience needed to blend this perfectly with our clients’ tone of voice. After taking time to understand your brand messaging, we look at important SEO aspects related to your product pages that help to drive search rankings and conversions. This includes sophisticated keyword targeting, calls to action, user experience tweaks and structured data to improve how search engines crawl and index your site.

Keyword research

Our ecommerce SEO specialists are highly skilled in carrying out detailed and comprehensive keyword research for ecommerce websites, a fundamental of all great SEO. Not only will keyword research identify the size of the market for you in search engines, but it will also underpin your SEO and content strategies to give you the best chance of ranking effectively.

On-page SEO services

Our SEO team is also fantastic at providing on-site SEO services for ecommerce businesses, and they’ll start by analysing your website’s structure and the key on-page elements. All of this is to provide relevant and actionable recommendations to help improve your content for relevancy and to enhance its capability to rank for keywords in search rankings.

Ecommerce SEO consultancy

Being flexible is key, so we’ll work to your business needs. Whether that’s running your whole SEO programme or providing strategic consultancy services – we’re here to help meet your objectives in a way that suits you. Our ecommerce SEO consultancy services can include helping you to define your objectives and developing an actionable SEO strategy. Our team can help to advise which is the most effective approach, but ultimately it’s your business, so we’ll run with whatever you choose.

Link building for ecommerce platforms

With competition fierce for the most lucrative search positions, building links to your ecommerce website is often necessary to outperform the competition. Our talented PR and link-building specialists have heaps of experience in this area. We build quality links for ecommerce websites just like yours, helping your site to perform competitively in search engines. We can also help you with strategies to build links directly to any key commercial pages that are struggling to gain traction in search engines.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

At Koozai we know that it isn’t just about driving traffic to your ecommerce website. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) service works to maximise your conversion rate from every visit to your website. Working closely with our SEO and content specialists, our team will identify the tweaks and changes that can be made to your website to better persuade users to take crucial actions – such as to engage with your website, sign up to a newsletter, download assets, and crucially to purchase or enquire about your services.

Local ecommerce SEO

Our team of experts has worked with clients of all sizes and has helped countless ecommerce companies to dominate the local search rankings. With more and more people looking to buy and collect products closer to home, our SEO team will work with you to identify and implement the best strategy to ensure your business dominates in the key areas where your customers live and work.

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Our ecommerce SEO case studies and testimonials

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SEO for Merlin Cycles /

On track with search marketing success for ecommerce cycling brand

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SEO for Papa John’s /

Baking organic success into Papa John's search marketing

The guys at Koozai are great. Their fresh thinking and commercial awareness means we’ve seen our year-on-year revenue from organic rise by a massive 91%. Can’t grumble at that.

Tom MercerDigital Marketing Manager


Koozai helped us achieve growth in organic visibility YoY and the team were helpful at every stage.

Terry LeeSenior Digital Marketing & SEO Assistant


Koozai came in and took control of our SEO work and the effects were immediate.

Huge increases in our organic traffic made our decision to hand over management of our PPC accounts even easier; it’s a decision we haven’t regretted since.

John MossManaging Director



What is Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is, in a nutshell, Search Engine Optimisation for online stores. It involves SEO practices and techniques to generate organic traffic (e.g not Paid Ads) for an online website from search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. These SEO strategies can include tactics such as keyword research, technical SEO alterations, on-page changes to content and link building. The aim of these SEO activities is to improve how well an ecommerce website and its content can rank in search engines. Those ecommerce websites that rank highly for key search queries in search engines normally receive higher volumes of relevant visitors to their website. However, Ecommerce SEO is usually about gaining more traffic from users who are looking to make direct purchases, with the end goal often being traffic, leads and sales to an online store.

Why is SEO Important for Ecommerce Websites?

SEO is important for ecommerce websites because it drives online sales. Although social media platforms are popular, most online purchases actually start with a search query being entered into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. These are often direct searches for products or services (rather than for brand names). For an ecommerce website to benefit from this traffic and potential organic leads, it needs to take up organic ‘real estate’ high up in the organic search results for the most relevant search terms. Users then navigate from there to relevant ecommerce websites when deciding on the product(s) they want and where they want to purchase it from. For this reason, SEO is one of the most important tools for driving traffic, leads and sales to ecommerce websites.

How Can eCommerce Marketing Grow my Online Business?

Digital marketing campaigns, including PPC advertising, SEO, and other online promotions, are instrumental in achieving growth for your eCommerce business. Experimentation, learning from past campaigns, and refining strategies based on insights are crucial steps towards success in your industry.

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for eCommerce Companies?

For eCommerce, focusing on major platforms like Facebook and Instagram is crucial. Understanding the impact of digital marketing on eCommerce success is our expertise. We specialise in crafting high-performing eCommerce digital marketing campaigns, driving substantial revenue for diverse product categories.

Is PPC Suitable for my eCommerce Business?

PPC advertising is powerful for eCommerce marketing but can be costly. Starting with a smaller ad spend and gradually increasing based on performance is advisable. Optimising campaigns, investing in landing page best practices, and using retargeting strategies are keys to PPC success for eCommerce.

What's the Effectiveness of SEO for eCommerce Companies?

One of the most important things when it comes to your eCommerce website is making sure that it is easy to find by your customers. The majority of people use search engines like Google or Bing to find products or services they want or need. Ranking highly in the search engine results will help them find you and reach your website. To achieve this you need effective SEO. There are a number of different factors that can affect how well you rank.  Effective SEO, including keyword optimisation, will significantly help your eCommerce business's visibility and traffic.

What Type of eCommerce Website is Optimal for SEO?

Different eCommerce platforms have their strengths. WooCommerce offers flexibility and options within WordPress, Shopify is user-friendly but less flexible, while Magento provides extensive customisation but demands technical expertise. Choosing the right platform depends on your specific business needs.

How Much Does eCommerce SEO Cost?

Determining eCommerce SEO costs involves various factors such as website condition, size, objectives, and industry competition. For a tailored quote, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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