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Introducing our mutlti-award winning technical SEO services. Investing in technical SEO services can unlock your website’s potential by helping it to perform competitively in search engines to get your business the traffic and leads it deserves.

Your new technical SEO agency

We’re Koozai, a multi-award winning technical SEO agency based in London, Southampton, and Preston.

In today’s competitive SEO landscape, consumers expect a fantastic, glitch-free user experience as standard. Search engines such as Google place high importance on technical SEO factors and user-ranking signals when deciding on the best content to serve their users. All this means that your technical SEO will need to be on point if you want to benefit from increased search rankings, traffic, and leads.

Since 2006, we’ve put the time in and earned an enviable reputation and have an impressive track record of using technical SEO strategies to deliver results for businesses just like yours.

Not only that, but our experienced SEO experts are also skilled at technical SEO strategies. This will give your website the best opportunity to rank above your competitors in search engine results for competitive search terms. Our results-focused SEO experts bring a diverse range of technical SEO experience to our team – making us the ideal partner to help your company increase its online visibility.

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Our technical SEO services

At Koozai, our team of technical SEO consultants provide several technical SEO services. These include:

Technical SEO consultancy services

Our SEO experts can help to develop strategies, objectives, in-depth SEO audits and consultancy to optimise your website to its fullest potential. Ensuring that all technical elements of your website are on point is crucial to its performance in search engines. This service ensure that all technical elements of your website are optimised to help your website achieve maximum visibility in search results.

Keyword Research

Effective technical SEO strategies are built alongside extensive keyword research, audience profiling and market research that enable you to get a handle on the size of the online market and the search terms that you want to rank for. This all helps us to make smarter decisions when it comes to optimising your website and content.

Technical SEO Audits

Our team of technical SEO specialists are experts at performing SEO audits to check that all the technical aspects of your website’s SEO are spot on. This is essentially a health check for your website to identify any issues that might be preventing your website from ranking competitively, with actionable recommendations to fix them. We’ll also look for any new opportunities for your website to gain more traffic.

On-site Technical SEO

The tech SEO experts at Koozai can analyse the structure of your website, alongside your content and UX to see whether it correctly matches search intent and delivers a good user experience. From this, we’ll make recommendations for improving your content and on-site elements to move the needle on your website’s SEO. As part of our on-site SEO activity, we always take a holistic view and look at everything, from your content and site structure right through to site speed and schema markup.

Google Penalty Recovery

Has your website suffered from a Google Penalty? Our SEO team has helped websites to recover from algorithm changes and penalties to regain visibility by building authority, traffic and leads. We can also help when manual actions or mistakes have led to a drop in visibility in search engines.

Technical SEO Migrantions

We’re very experienced in technical SEO migrations, meaning that you’re in safe hands with us if you’re thinking of moving your website to a new domain. Our technical SEO experts are experienced in this area, meaning that we know what to look for and how to handle any problems that you’re likely to encounter with a website migration.

Our services are rated over 4.5/5 on Google

Our technical SEO work and client testimonials

Find out more about our technical SEO work and our client testimonials.

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SEO for Glow Worm /

Increasing organic traffic and sales for a pioneering domestic boiler provider

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Content Marketing for Boring Money /

177% growth in organic traffic for these personal finance experts

Thanks to a comprehensive organic strategy from Koozai, the Boring Money website performance has vastly improved, with better rankings and increased traffic.

Mikhail IsmailHead of Projects and Client Content


The proactive nature of Koozai’s work has given us exceptional results in just over six months. The rise in organic traffic has been invaluable in raising awareness of our brand and attracting more leads.

We have been thoroughly impressed with Koozai’s approach and professionalism and we look forward to seeing these positive results grow as we move ahead with our campaign.

Sonia GloverMarketing Communications Manager



What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is all about improving the technical aspects of your website and its content to help it rank more competitively in search engines such as Google. Common technical SEO objectives include actions to make your website faster and easier for search engines to find, render, crawl, understand and index. Content and backlinks will propel your website further in search engines, while technical SEO ensures that the fundamentals on your website are on point. If your website has errors at the most basic level then you will struggle to rank in search engines.

How Critical is Technical SEO When it Comes to Search Marketing?

Technical SEO is one of the most pivotal components of search marketing. It's the mechanism through which search engines like Google access your web pages, analyse content, and determine your placement within search engine results pages (SERPs).

Technical SEO is instrumental in optimising the factors that hold the utmost significance to search engines, thereby maximising your online presence.

What Should I Consider When Selecting a Technical SEO Agency?

When seeking assistance for technical SEO issues, it's essential to engage with a Google Partner agency. This certification ensures adherence to the highest standards of best practices and a profound understanding of the technical prerequisites necessary for achieving optimal Google rankings. Request examples from the agency to showcase how they've assisted other businesses in overcoming technical challenges, providing insights into how they can enhance your online visibility.

What's the Most Important Thing When it Comes to Effective Technical SEO?

Consistency is key. Being on top of potential technical SEO issues is vital. Technology has simplified this process, enabling regular audits to prevent issues from escalating but quality audits still require the human element, to interpret the data and how it impacts your specific business/website. The most effective technical SEO strategies prioritise prevention by addressing minor issues as they arise, and avoiding crisis management when major problems occur.

Do I Need to Conduct a Technical SEO Audit?

Regular technical SEO audits are crucial for maintaining search rankings and preventing potential issues that might impact online visibility. It's advisable to perform multiple audits annually, with quarterly checks being a general guideline. If you've not had one for a while then speak to us about doing an initial SEO audit.

A digital marketing audit with us will identify any issues in your website’s SEO performance and provide you with clear and actionable guidance on what you can do to improve your results. It will also highlight new growth opportunities and how to improve your leads, engagement, user experience, and conversions from search engines.

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