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Investing in a quality SEO migration service for your website is crucial if you’re hoping to retain your search visibility and organic traffic in search engines.

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SEO website migrations can be daunting for many online businesses. That’s because when you migrate to a new domain, search engines like Google reassess everything about your website’s content and pages. Even small errors could result in a significant drop in search rankings or traffic that could impact sales.

Luckily the SEO experts here at Koozai are highly experienced in SEO website migrations – including for websites that use several different content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace and others. Not only have we been delivering award-winning SEO services for our clients since as far back as 2006, but we’ve also mastered a countless number of successful SEO website migrations for our happy clients in that time. This means you’re in safe hands with Koozai if you’re launching a website redesign or migrating to a new domain.

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Quality website migration services by experienced SEO experts

Investing in a quality SEO migration service for your website is crucial if you’re hoping to retain your search visibility and organic traffic in search engines. That’s key whether you’re redesigning your site, changing the domain, or simply moving to HTTPS or a new server.

SEO migrations involve a complex set of tasks, and a poorly delivered migration can even result in years of hard graft on your website’s SEO and content going down the pan. That’s because poorly executed SEO migrations can result in errors that could see your website completely drop out of search engine rankings. Even small inaccuracies can have a big impact if Google can’t index key pages.

All of this makes it crucial to enlist SEO expertise in your website migration from the very beginning. Luckily the team at Koozai has been doing successful migrations for years, making us well placed to help.

Our approach to SEO website migrations

Not only will we guide you through your SEO migration process, but we’ll also take a meticulous approach to minimise any risks and work with you to ensure your content’s up to scratch after we’ve completed a successful migration for you.

As part of all successful SEO migrations with us, we’ll also work with you to consider important aspects of your site which can have a real impact on its performance in search engines, including:

  • An initial crawl of your content to identify all your website’s existing content.
  • A content audit to discover which articles, posts and pages need to be migrated and which can be merged to strengthen SEO performance.
  • Risk management to ensure no important processes, features or functionality of the site has the potential to break.
  • Ensuring website events, goals and conversions are carried across to the new site; retaining any code used for analytics or third-party site verification.
  • Integrating and transferring databases of products or customer data from one CMS to another.
  • Working with you to set up DNS configuration within domain settings.
  • Liaising with the current and new hosting company to ensure a smooth transition.
  • URL mapping and setting up sitewide re-directs.
  • Use of a staging site to debug and test for any errors or complications before going live
  • Transferring SEO features across to the new website, including metadata, headings, titles, internal links, alt text and schema.
  • Key considerations for e-commerce SEO and product cart functionality.
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Driving footfall for a top architects and design studio

Carrying out a website migration can be a stressful time but Koozai were ready for the technicalities involved and our worries about the potential loss of traffic were put to rest. The team worked closely with our design agency to support the entire transition.

Koozai has helped us to realise and fine-tune not only our online presence, but they’ve helped us to stand out from the crowd for the future.

Sarah BeanHead of Copy



Can I Do A Website Migration Myself?

It is possible to use third party guides on the internet to try and implement your own migration. However, it is generally not advisable to implement a migration unless you have SEO expertise and experience in delivering successful migrations as costly mistakes are easily made. This could result in a drop in rankings and traffic for your website.

Will A Website Migration Harm My SEO?

A quality SEO migration won’t significantly impact your website’s organic SEO traffic in the long term. However, a poorly executed migration can harm your website’s SEO significantly and result in a drop in rankings, which is why it is so important to invest in the services of an SEO specialist who is experienced in website migrations. A poor migration can result in things like broken redirects, duplicate content, and unindexed pages, all of which will hurt your website’s SEO

How Long Does An SEO Site Migration Take?

This one really depends on the size of your website, how much content it has and what you want to move over to the new website. A website with less than 100 pages is going to take substantially less time to migrate than a website made up of several hundred or even thousands of pages. Depending on the size of the website and the scope of the project, you can expect it to take anywhere from a month to a few months for a website migration to be fully completed. This is because time is needed to plan, develop a staging site, audit, implement and monitor the migration to ensure nothing goes wrong.

How Much Does A Website Migration Cost?

The answer to this one is ‘it depends'. The cost of a website migration can differ depending on the size of the website, the scope of the project, the quality of the service provider and the services required. In all cases, we'd recommend investing early in the process to ensure it's done correctly rather than opting for a “cheap” route, and having to retrospectively fix issues several times over - stalling, or even worse ruining your organic performance in the process. This always ends up costing more.
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