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We’re Koozai, an award-winning digital marketing agency who’ve been in the business of helping brands improve their website traffic and optimise their user experience and website conversions since 2006.

Our User Experience (UX) optimisation and Conversion Rate (CRO) optimisation services are all about increasing engagement on your website and encouraging your users to convert and invest in your services.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for many businesses to invest in their SEO but neglect changes to their website that will encourage users to convert once they land on your website. Often unwittingly, sites can also inherit design or architectural flaws that can put users off, decrease usability, make them awkward to use, slow or confusing to potential prospects.

Increasingly, user experience is also a key SEO ranking factor, meaning that investing in your website’s UX could also boost traffic to your website as well as conversions.

That’s why our team of talented digital marketers, SEO experts and UX content strategists work collaboratively to help fix these technical SEO and useability issues for our clients and to implement strategies that encourage conversions.

Our approach to UX optimisation and CRO services

Our approach to UX and CRO is data-led, meaning that we look at all the metrics on your website before making any recommendations. This is so that we can create a set of solid, evidence-based strategies that are most likely to increase performance and engagement on your website. Everything we recommend has a clear purpose, so you can rest assured we’re not simply plucking ideas out of thin air.

While our award-winning SEO services are there to drive more traffic to your website, our UX optimisation and CRO services act to improve the user experience for those visitors and to increase the likelihood of them converting into leads.

We can also look at testing recommendations on your site, to gather real-world data that proves which UX changes on your site drive the best return on investment. Not only that, but our UX optimisation services can also be extended to look at customer journeys, using all the cutting tools to identify your target audience profiles and where your best leads come from.

All of this allows us to form solid recommendations that are based not just on SEO goals, but also on real-world evidence and your commercial priorities.


What does User Experience (UX) mean?

In a nutshell, User Experience is all about how users interact with your website and whether they find it easy and enjoyable to use and navigate. UX optimisations are changes to your website which improve its usability and how key audiences feel about the site and want to interact with it. UX optimistions can include a number of tactics, such as improving graphics, imagery, layout, spacing, typography, page load speed, or navigational issues.

What does Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) stand for?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about increasing the number and percentage of visitors on your site into enquiries, leads or sales. CRO strategies often include changes to your website’s user experience that make it easier for users to invest in your business and enquire about your services. It can also include tactics such as A/B testing and changes to calls to actions.

Why does UX and CRO matter for your website?

User Experience and Conversion Rate optimisations are important for businesses who want to engage new customer prospects and drive sales. While other digital marketing tactics such as SEO are focused on driving traffic, changes to a website’s overall user experience are designed to drive users to engage more with your content and enquire about your services. For this reason, UX and CRO matters as it is centred around driving leads - meaning that it has a significant commercial benefit for online businesses.

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