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A Waste-less Journey


About the piece

AO supply electrical equipment to the nation so it might seem strange that they created a piece of food wastage. However, with their unique insight into the modern home, they were actually the best people for the job and so ‘a waste-less journey’ was born.

The scrolling interactive piece took users on a journey from supermarket to home and highlighted just how much food is going to waste every year.

It also included handy information such as what food you can freeze, what food labelling really means and gave recipes for leftovers.

The piece works because it meets the demand of the target audience. It successfully fulfils the need for this type of content by offering a great variety of visual resources. This is a great example of useful content that has been created with the user at its heart.

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Noteworthy Stats

  • Inbound links: 176
  • Referring domains: 45
  • Trust flow: 12
  • Citation flow: 26

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