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Wall and Chain


About the piece

Airbnb’s unique selling point is that when you choose to use them for accommodation, you don’t just visit a place, you get to experience what it’s like to live there. This personalisation of the travel process is a huge part of the brand’s success, and has obviously led to a lot of interesting stories from the site’s users.

One particular story, of an ex-Berlin Wall guard revisiting the city he left behind, resonated so well with the team that they chose to create a series of content pieces around it.

A heart-warming story of unification and acceptance presented in the form of illustrated video and an interactive infographic, it gained a wealth of press attention, and helped Airbnb dominate conversation around the Berlin Wall anniversary.

The content originated on Airbnb’s ‘Belong Anywhere‘ page, but has since moved to its own site, Wall and Chain.

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