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The Evolution of Resolution


About the piece

Go Compare took a step away from its usual insurance content to create something rather nifty. The Evolution of Resolution takes a look at mobile technology over the past 20 years. With mobile displays increasing in pixel density, the company wanted to illustrate how our screens have become so much sharper over the years.

For example, how many old-school Nokia screens could you fit inside an iPhone 7 Plus? The answer is 514. Surprising, right?

The scrolling piece starts back in 1998 with the Nokia 5110 and takes you all the way through to 2016.

This piece works so well because it taps into two powerful emotions: nostalgia and surprise.

Nostalgia because most people have owned an old Nokia phone capable only of texts, calls and the occasional game of Snake. We know that our phones have evolved over time, but we don’t realise to what extent.

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