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It’s Official: Living On A Cruise Ship Is Cheaper Than Renting In London


About the piece

House prices in London have always been high. As a capital city, it isn’t that surprising. But did you know that you could live on a cruise ship for less than living in London? CruiseDeals.co.uk tapped into an existing schema – living in London is expensive – and then interrupted the narrative.

This element of surprise caught many people off guard. How could a cruise ship be cheaper than renting in London? It was shocking. But this wasn’t just a publicity stunt; the cruise company had the statistics to back up its claims.

The misconception that many people have is that a cruise is for the elite and that they simply wouldn’t be able to afford it. But this idea helped to break away from that notion. It still positioned cruises as luxury options, but affordable ones.

This was a simple idea executed with precision, and it paid off tenfold. As you can imagine, the press had a field day with these data.

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