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Majestic in Space


About the piece

Popular specialist search engine and tool suite Majestic recently made history by announcing that they’ll be the first ever business to 3D print the internet… in space!

In order to showcase the prowess of their powerful link-analytics tool, Majestic looked to the stars. By utilising a 3D printer specifically designed to print in zero gravity, Majestic will produce a physical data visualisation of the internet.

The rocket containing the printer launched earlier this year, and is bound for the International Space Station. Because of the time it takes to reach its destination, Majestic aren’t sure exactly when the printing will begin, but the critical acclaim and press coverage they’ll receive in the meantime more than makes up for the wait!

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  • Inbound links: 94
  • Referring domains: 25
  • Trust flow: 26
  • Citation flow: 27

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