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Journey To The Centre of The Earth


About the piece

The BBC are no strangers to making content that not only educates but engages as well. Their ‘Journey To The Centre of The Earth’ piece is no exception.

The interactive piece will take you on a journey unlike any other and show you what really lies beneath your feet, all the way down to the Earth’s core.

Just when you think you’re nearly there, another interesting fact crops up. From the Paris catacombs to the underground urban farm in Clapham, there’s so much to learn about.

The scrolling piece may take a while to read through, but it’s worthwhile. You’ll be surprised how far you would have to travel to reach the Earth’s core and the weird and wonderful things you’ll learn along the way.

This piece is so successful because it draws you in and constantly rewards you for your time with more insightful information.

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