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I’ll Do It Later


About the piece

Insurance and finance company Prudential’s microsite Bring Your Challenges Lab helps consumers break through various barriers that are stopping them from achieving sound financial management. ‘I’ll Do It Later’ is the main topic of discussion, with much of the content geared towards tackling those sneaky procrastination habits that creep up on all of us. Website visitors can take tests to see how much of a procrastinator they are, enter details in the procrastinator calculator to find out how much time they’ve potentially wasted and learn all of the things they could have achieved in that time. It sounds a bit depressing, but Prudential takes the glass-half-full approach and goes on to help readers with lots of useful content. After biting the bullet, procrastinators can improve their bad habits using the company’s expert advice, interactive tools and videos to improve their financial plans, particularly focusing on retirement. All of this excellent content makes this hub completely targeted to Prudential’s target audience.

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