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Idioms of the World


About the piece

Verve Search uses content to address a number of mind-boggling phrases from across the globe for HotelClub, part of Orbitz. The Idioms of the World infographic offers an explanation of well-known phrases used every day around the world.

Each infographic takes a famous foreign idiom, such as the Italian saying ‘into the mouth of the wolf’, and uses quirky drawings from illustrator Marcus Oakley to depict the literal meaning of the saying alongside the actual meaning. After having a little chuckle, readers can read up on the idiom, exploring such aspects as its history, where it came from and what it really means.

This interesting piece offers a solution to a worldwide problem: understanding challenging idioms. It also delivered a wealth of returns for Hotel Club, resulting in the biggest single day, week and month for HotelClub’s blog in two years, and driving over 170 thousand users to their site. You can read up on the full stats, and find out more about the project, in Verve Search’s case study.

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