Find Out What Your Name Would Be if You Were Born Today

When the US Social Security Administration released its annual report on the most popular names of the year, Time decided to have some fun with the data. This nifty tool lets you see the popularity of any name dating back as far as 1890.

Simply pop in your name, the year you were born and your sex. Then you’ll be given a list of names ranging from 1890 all the way through to the modern day.

The interactive tool is quick and easy to use. You can share any of the names given from the different eras seamlessly via Twitter or Facebook.

It’s a welcome glimpse into the past and lets you ponder what your 1950s counterpart would have been like.

The visual appearance of the tool is purposely close to the design of the ‘hello my name is…’ stickers and this really helps to grab your attention. The reason that this piece has been so successful is that it displays a wide variety of data in a simplistic and effective way.

By only showing information that is relevant to you, it provides a much more personal experience than, say, a chart showing the most popular girls’ and boys’ names over the last decade.

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