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5 Examples Of Epic Technical Content

5th Mar 2015 Content Marketing 5 minutes to read

5 Examples Of Epic Technical Content

Whether you want to call it technical, interactive, visual or big content – the idea of creating something more than just static text appeals to both Content Marketers and brands alike, for a number of reasons.

From social shares and engagement to acquire links and potential sales – there’s a greater chance of success if the content you create strikes a cord with it’s audience; which is exactly why technical content is becoming more popular.

To inspire your own marketing efforts and show what can be achieved with technical Content Marketing, take a look at these excellent examples.

What Is Technical Content?

Put simply, it’s either content that responds to a user’s actions, or something that includes moving graphics, imagery, text, animation, visuals, video. audio, plus much more.

Example 1 – BBC Earth: Journey Inside A Giant Spider

BBC Earth has created a series of technical pieces of content and one that stands out is the journey inside a giant spider.

This piece explores the body of a tarantula to show how it moves, uses its defence mechanisms and feeds on its pray.

Image 1

Presenting the information in a similar fashion to a standard Infographic, only with more text, the content uses moving graphics, alongside an extensive range of in-depth facts.

This piece shows how a simple concept can be expanded and used to create a unique and intricate piece of content. By adding movable imagery it encourages a greater level of user engagement.

Example 2 – Thomson: Early Flight

UK-based travel operator Thomson is next up with man’s fascination with flight.

Unlike the first example, this piece requires user engagement similar to a parallax scrolling page – by using keys or the scrolling function on the mouse to navigate through the content.

The piece looks at the evolution of flight from 1903 to 2013 and includes a timeline and icons, which users can click on to reveal facts about aircraft from each era.

Image 2

Interactive pieces will often drive more engagement as they convey an idea in a unique way and also involve audience participation.

This piece in particular has so far generated 737 Tweets, 553 Facebook shares, 145 Pinterest pins and 31 email shares (stats accurate as of Feb 15).

Is there a concept that you could use for your own business by presenting the information in a similar way?

Example 3 – Phillips: Designed to Play

Moving away from graphics, Dutch technology company, Phillips, incorporated video to make an interactive advert titled Designed to Play.

Users watch the video and click on different beard styles to alter the outcome of the story in the video.

The content also allows viewers to explore beard styling advice and shows how their product works with moving visuals.

Image 3

Content like this is extremely persuasive as it can convert a high volume of leads by presenting call to actions at the right time. It also turns what could have been a more traditional advert into an entertaining, interactive and advanced form of media.

Although examples like this will require greater budget to create, Phillips have shown how companies can embrace video to create content that stands out from the crowd. Designed to Play has also helped to secure their brand as innovators in the market too.

Example 4 – Castle Cover: The Rise & Rise of David Bowie

Insurance providers, Castle Cover, are another example of a company who have used an advanced form of interactive content.

This piece uses HTML5 coding to display scrolling visuals and pays tribute to the extensive career of legendary music icon, David Bowie.

Image 4

David Bowie’s career has spanned almost 50 years, this interactive timeline by Castle Cover shows how his style and music have evolved over time. Step into the interactive timeline here.
Users start by dropping a needle onto a record, before revisiting Bowie’s characters and fashion styles over the past 50 years. Singles and albums from each era also appear on screen so you can listen to the tracks on Spotify.

The content has an embed feature, which is a great way to entice wider coverage for your own content.

The social stats for this piece once again show how successful this form of content can be – 395 Tweets, 1,300 Facebook likes and 78 Google +1’s (stats accurate as of Feb 15).

Example 5 – NHS: BMI Weight Calculator

You don’t have to have the most elaborate idea in the world for your content to be successful.

Although some of the examples above will require larger budget, interactive content can be stripped right back to create something that’s basic yet still effective.

The NHS BMI Weight Calculator is one example of this.

Image 5

This simple idea allows users to input data about themselves to reveal their body mass index and understand how it’s calculated.

Depending on your results, the content also gives you targeted information about your weight and a range of resources on diet and exercise.

If budget is an issue for your business, this is one example of how interactive content can still be used on a more basic level to display a concept visually and effectively.

The Power of Advanced Content

Regardless of whether you aim for simple or elaborate ideas, technical content can help to make your marketing campaigns more successful.

By using these forms of content, your business can benefit from the potential of:

  • Greater social engagement and shares
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased volumes of referral and organic traffic
  • Earning more links back to your site
  • Generating more leads through well-timed CTAs
  • Standing out from the competition in your market

If you’re looking to create similar pieces, either in-house or with a designer or agency, you need to remember that once they’re live you will also need to promote them to maximise exposure.

Promotion Tips and Tactics

Promoting your content to your target audience will mean that more people will see the work that your brand has produced. Promotion will assist with the aims, objectives and goals of your content campaigns.

So, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Check that links, graphics and embed codes work properly before promoting content
  • Share your pieces on your company social profiles
  • Outreach to journalists and targeted industry publications
  • Engage with key influencers
  • Seed your content to targeted groups and communities
  • Add social media buttons to your content so it’s easy for users to share

Remember – promotion is vital in order to attract more eyes to your content.

Get Creative

Think about how your business can use interactive and technical content to attract a wider audience and meet the goals of your marketing campaigns. Need to spark your imagination? Then check out our comprehensive Content Marketing Showcase which includes over 100 examples of the latest and greatest marketing campaigns to date.

If you’ve seen or used any other great examples, then don’t forget to share them with us in the comments section below.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about how content can assist your online campaigns, or you want to work with an agency to develop similar pieces, get in touch with Koozai today.

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