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Paul Madden

Paul Madden

Backlink Analysis

Jackie Hole Russell McAthy

Super Power

With the ability to spot a bad link from miles away, no site is safe from Paul’s awesome research prowess! As one half of the genius team behind Kerboo, a Koozai-favourite link analysis tool, Paul’s technical expertise and reputation proceeds him.


No stranger to the KoozAcademy, Paul has delivered several insightful training sessions on link research, analysis, and removal – all of which have helped boost the team’s knowledge and take our work to another level. He has recently delivered a follow up session with Content Team as Kerboo has expanded its platform to include features centred around content outreach.

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I loved being invited in to help train the Koozai team. It is a real breath of fresh air to see an agency with such a comprehensive commitment both to the development of their staff and in making sure the agency is superbly positioned to keep customers benefiting from the best in digital marketing.
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