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Ensure Your Apps Get Noticed

With people spending more time on mobile apps than using desktop computers or watching TV, it’s important to be seen on mobile devices.

But how do you stand out in a crowd when the average user accesses on average 24 apps per month? Well, it involves a blend of targeted press outreach and proven marketing tactics; a blend we’ve perfected. We don’t do it shaken or stirred, just straight-up results.

Uncover Your Application’s Advocates

In order to perform well (and we want you to perform well) your app needs to be expertly optimised and promoted. We can do this by working on:

  • App store optimisation – Ensuring your app icon and page copy are fully optimised to help search engines and users find your app and to drive more traffic in the process
  • Audience Analysis – In-depth audience research and persona development to guarantee you’re targeting the right users
  • Influencer Outreach – Liaising with influential publishers within your sector and establishing beneficial relationships with industry voices
  • Press Releases – Planning, creating and distributing targeted press releases to a wide selection of trusted media sources to build interest and brand awareness
  • Social Seeding – Public promotion through various social interactions and updates, driving further engagement

Paid Advertising

Drive app downloads through paid promotion on platforms like Google and Facebook. These sites dominate users’ time and revenue when it comes to mobile, so isn’t it time you started targeting these markets properly?

We’ll create and manage optimised, clickable ads for your app, using targeted keywords based on in-depth audience research, specifically tailored to your business’s budget.

App Marketing Done Right

Whatever your app’s purpose, Koozai has the skills and knowledge to deliver kick-ass marketing strategies.

Our extensive process is planned and scheduled with your needs in mind, communicating results to you through detailed reporting to ensure you’re kept up to date with all our promotional efforts.

Want to reach the right audience for your app? Get in touch with us today.

Paid Search Services

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Give Your App the Boost it Deserves

  • Results-driven reporting with your goals in mind
  • Trusted guidance on how to target different markets
  • Increase revenue through paid advertising and targeted ads
  • Access powerful promotional tools to help drive engagement

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