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Whilst the majority of people use Google for their paid search campaigns, Microsoft Ads [or what you may know as Bing Ads] is still one of the big players, with an impressive share of the search market worldwide, generating a huge amount of traffic – traffic that you can make a profit from. Google Ads campaigns have become increasingly competitive so you need to have your finger on the pulse.

Tap into another market; Google isn’t the only search engine – we’ll create campaigns to take a share of Bing’s search pie which finds new audiences at a reduced cost per click; giving you a lower cost per conversion and increased lifetime value.

How does it work?

Whether you’ve got existing Microsoft Ads campaigns or you’re looking to launch your very first one, let Koozai achieve the best possible results for your business.

PPC campaigns allow you to advertise your website to users who are searching for words related to your business. Whilst this makes campaigns highly targeted, you need to make sure they’re managed effectively.

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Koozai managed Microsoft ads campaigns

Our PPC campaigns will help your website. We’re sure of it. Here’s how:

  • An additional revenue stream that your competitors haven’t capitalised on
  • Less competition means a greater chance of ads appearing at a lower cost and more clicks
  • We don’t take a percentage of ad spend so we’re highly motivated to save you money, not increase our commission
  • Campaigns are highly targeted, meaning you can get your ad shown in the right place to the right person

If you’re interested to know more, we explain below how we can help.

Let Koozai help you

We know how easy it’s to set up paid search accounts. But we also know that you need to keep on top of your campaigns. If you don’t, they simply won’t work and there’s the potential to waste a great deal of marketing budget.

It’s a job in itself, and that’s where we can help.

We’re very well qualified and experienced when it comes to Microsoft Ads Pay Per Click Management. Koozai is an accredited Microsoft Ad’s Partner, meaning our team has the skills to make your campaigns work. We’re also highly motivated to make you succeed.

Get in touch today to see how we can help drive extra traffic from Microsoft Ads/Bing. Bada bing, bada boom.

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