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10 Frugal PPC Money Saving Tips

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Samantha examines remarketing, negative keywords, split testing and seven more great ways to improve your PPC campaigns. (Transcript)

Google AdWords Management

Waste Less. Make More.

A Leading AdWords Management Company

For paid search traffic, there really is nothing quite like Google AdWords. With over 90% of searches performed on Google in the UK alone, if you want to drive targeted traffic to your site, it’s the best place to start.

We’re sure you’re curious to know more, so let’s get to it.

Drive Targeted Traffic And Improve Profitability

Google AdWords allows you to advertise your website to those searching for words associated with your business. This makes it a highly targeted and hugely effective marketing platform. Simple right? Well, only if it’s done properly.

The problem is that whilst AdWords is easy to set up, it’s a different kettle of fish when it comes to managing and optimising campaigns. If you want to see results and gain a healthy return on investment, you need an agency who knows a thing or two about AdWords. At Koozai, we don’t just know a thing or two, we know a lot. It’s all thanks to our award winning AdWords management services.

Making AdWords Work Better

Whether you’re looking to set up a brand new campaign, or are looking for a dependable agency to improve your existing adverts, look no further.

AdWords is something you need to keep on top of, that’s why it’s important to choose an agency that is committed to the cause – going the distance to help drive traffic to your website. We’re able to make real-time changes so we can produce immediate results for you. It’s what we’re good at.

Why Choose Koozai

We know how important it is for you to succeed online. We take a keen interest in seeing your campaigns not only work, but also deliver amazing ROI. We are:

  • Experienced – Our Digital Marketing Executives are all AdWords qualified professionals
  • Dedicated – We’re motivated to make your campaigns work, whatever your budget
  • Knowledgeable – We know how to get your ads seen by the right people
  • Creative – We’re able to create highly targeted and optimised ads, to drive conversions

You need an agency that puts you first, which is exactly what we do. You pay us a flat fee, so if you spend more with Google we don’t make a penny more. We work to cut your costs, without worrying about commission. 100% simple Google AdWords management.

Above anything else though, you need to trust that your AdWords account is well managed and delivering quality traffic to your site. With Koozai, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your AdWords management is in good hands. Call us today.

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Quote Start Koozai’s expertise has made a real difference to how we approach online marketing. Thanks to their on-going support, account management and strategic insight, we have been able to develop a far greater understanding of SEO and PPC, and continue to see month-on-month growth in relevant traffic as a direct result. Quote End
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