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Brand Protection Best Practices

TV Controls

Graeme compiles the best ways to protect a brand including strategies for both offence and defence. (Transcript)

Brand Protection Services

Safeguard Your Brand Identity with Koozai

It’s Your Name, Make Sure You Own It

Don’t you just hate it when you go to create a profile online, only to find that someone else has taken your brand’s name? Whether it’s a social media profile or registering a domain, it feels like someone’s stolen your identity doesn’t it? We know the feeling; it’s frustrating and can damage your brand.

Well, you no longer have to worry. We’re here to preserve your identity. With Koozai’s brand protection service you’ll have peace of mind that your brand is kept safe.

The Benefits Of Online Brand Protection

If you don’t own all of your online properties, then anyone can just come along and set up a profile in your name. This leaves the door wide open for anyone to damage your brand as a result. Scary right?

There’s more though. If you don’t own all of your properties on social media profiles and various other sites, then it’ll affect you branding efforts. Every brand wants to enjoy a consistent profile across all profiles and platforms. You’ve seen them; they’re the companies with the added ‘UK’, ‘Online’ ‘The real’ or other odd words either before or after their name.

When it comes to branding, consistency is essential. Customers will remember you, it looks highly professional, and you’ll also dominate the search results for brand related terms.

Koozai Keeps You In Control

Being first is everything, so let us claim your profiles before competitors or hijackers do. We’ll do the hard work for you, setting up over 300 profiles. Now the key to success is consistency. So, we’ll populate the profiles with all the necessary information, such as your company logo, description, photos, bio and your URL.

Once we have created the profiles, you will have full access and retain control over them. So you can still post, update, promote, engage and share content at the click of a button. It’s a complete online brand protection package.

So, whether you’ve already suffered from brand identity theft, or are concerned about the protection of your own brand, get in touch with us today. We’ll give you the support you deserve.

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