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Getting Links for Boring Products

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Search engine optimisation applies to every product across the globe, but for some it’s harder to get links than others. In a web dominated by links it’s essential to have a healthy amount of referring domains. Below are some easy ways to get links for the less glamorous products.

Give stuff away

To some, your product may seem boring, but to others it may be essential. One way to obtain a link is to give away free samples of your product to blog writers or relevant influencers. In return, the bloggers will often write a review which can contain a healthy backlink, as well as a decent review. Nine times out of ten popular blogs will have a high page rank (which in turn could mean a healthy backlink).

The other benefit is your review may get ranked highly in search engines, thus resulting in referring traffic. For example, if you wanted to sell an onion cutter, you could start by researching a range of kitchen appliance blogs and reaching out to the best ones. Giving away free samples to the right influencers or blogs can result in an array of quality backlinks.

Press releases

Just because a product is perhaps not the most interesting, it doesn’t mean it’s not newsworthy. Writing and distributing online press releases is an excellent way to obtain fresh backlinks. Some PR sites allow up to three links and the content is often picked up by additional press sites (which will also help brand citations). For example, the launch of a product can result in a release which can be distributed around the internet. The release may not receive many page views but you could still gain a valuable backlink.

Data-led stories

Although you might not have a lot of super exciting information to share with the world about your products, are there any stats that could make it interesting? Spend some time looking into related data on sites such as ONS, Google Trends, YouGov, Statista. You might find something you can spin in your product’s favour and create a newsworthy press release to distribute to relevant media.


A boring product can still be bookmarked on a range of sites. The content may not be as glamorous or ‘new media savvy’ as some, but it’s still worthy of a bookmark. For example a product like carpet cleaner can still be bookmarked on a range of sites like Reddit and Digg. It might not receive a massive amount of attention, but some is certainly better than none.

Local profiles in directories

If your products are available in a number of stores or branches, it’s worth setting up a range of local profiles in online directories for each branch. This is because each one will contain a link back to your domain. This can be done on a range of sites including BrownBook, Yelp, Qype, WeLoveLocal and HotFrog. To do this, it’s important that each branch has an accurate address with a postcode. This can be quite a time consuming process, so we recommend only looking at worthwhile directories (there are a lot out there!). Here’s a great selection of the best directories that are free to use.

Content marketing

When it comes to building links, content is key. It can sometimes be a challenge to write content for dull products, but there are ways you can spin the content and obtain a healthy link. For example, stain removers may not be the most readable topic, but a blog post or informational piece about the ‘top products for cleaning up after a party’ is much easier to write content for. Share it on your social, includes links to relevant content in press releases and you may receive a backlink in return. With today’s obsession with social media, any fun and interesting content you can create and include your products in is valuable. Think about the leverage people like Mrs Hinch has in the online cleaning world – doesn’t seem boring anymore!


Building links for low end, less glamorous products can certainly be more challenging. Being creative with your content and giving away product samples is definitely a good place to start. If you don’t have the time to do this, local directory profiles and bookmarks are still efficient ways to gain backlinks. If you need some help building out a comprehensive strategy with our experts, explore our digital PR services.

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