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Key Link Building Trends

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Key Link Building Trends in 2024

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As we move into a new year, the team here at Koozai has been looking into all things link building. We’ve been chatting with other experts and reviewing the key trends and best practices that we should all be considering for ourselves and our clients in 2024. Here’s what we found.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Firstly, quality over quantity remains the key to effective link building. No more chasing any and all links; the focus is on securing the crème de la crème of backlinks. Search engines have refined their taste, prioritising relevance, and authority over quantity alone.
Link building remains as important as ever. According to a study by Backlinko, the correlation between a page’s search engine ranking and the number of referring domains is striking. Pages with a high number of unique backlinks tend to feature higher in the search results. However, the same study also notes that a staggering 55% of pages have zero referring domains.
You need to re-educate yourselves or your bosses/clients that you need to say goodbye to ‘quantity’ ambitions and KPIs and instead focus on quality. In 2024, it’s not about the sheer volume of links; it’s about having the right ones. Quality is the new currency, and it’s time to gather a collection of links that have authority and relevance.

2. Content-Centric Strategies

This year the spotlight is firmly on content-centric strategies. A substantial number of the people we spoke to acknowledged the role of high-quality content creation in driving SEO success. Making it a key element in their tactics. The emphasis is more than just putting some words together; it’s about developing content that captivates your audience and earns their seal of approval.
You should be focusing on creating content that is a collection of valuable, shareable information. The effect of this is that backlinks naturally gravitate towards your website. According to insights from OptinMonster, this strategy is endorsed by 72% of marketers, marking a departure from the link-hunting methods of the past. In 2024, it’s about the art of link-fishing, where quality content acts as the bait, landing backlinks as the prized catch.

3. Long-Term Approach

As we’ve seen above, quality trumps quantity in the quest for backlinks. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about relevance and authority. A link from a niche site packs a far mightier punch than a host of lackluster connections.
But creating high-quality, shareable content takes time, patience, and tenacity. A long-term link-building approach is necessary. So this year you need to brace yourself for the waiting game – new backlinks on average take an average of 10 weeks to start to provide SEO benefit.

This isn’t a sprint; it’s a strategic crawl. Success relies on a sustained effort. So, just remember, it’s not about the swift acquisition of links but the long-term influence they will wield once gained.

4. Diverse Outreach Tactics

It seems that in 2024 a number of our contacts believe diversity remains the name of the game. Whilst this isn’t new news, it is still important to note. They’re saying forget the one-size-fits-all strategy; it’s all about tailored outreach. According to a BuzzStream and Fractl survey for example, personalised email outreach is the unsung hero, boasting a whopping 79% success rate. So you’re going to need to be able to segment your contacts and craft those emails like a pro to gain backlinks.
But it’s not just about sweet talk via email. Link builders are recommending that you use a variety of tactics. Consider guest blogging, where you share your wisdom on someone else’s website; broken link building, where you hunt for link opportunities that mean you can showcase your useful content; and influencer outreach, where you cozy up with relevant online thought leaders. These methods aren’t just popular for 2024; they’re tried and tested over many years.
The guidance seems to be to stay sharp and stay diverse to help get those links in.

5. Social Media Integration

When it comes to link building, it seems there’s a lot of discussion about how social media plays a sneakily crucial role. Despite what Google says, there’s a wide-held belief in our network that there’s a direct connection between social shares and bagging backlinks. According to Hootsuite for example, the correlation is undeniable.
Social is no longer just for cat memes and avocado toast pics. Give your content a push on the social stage, and, it indirectly beefs up your link-building efforts. Share-worthy material could be your ticket to backlinks. Tactical? Absolutely. Boring? Nah. According to our contacts this is the 2024 way – get those links while your competitors are still figuring out the algorithm.

Link Building Trends Infographic

Link Building Trends

A summary from Koozai into the trends in link building

Quality over quantity


Over 50% of pages have zero referring domains, highlighting the importance of quality links.

Content Centric Strategies

High quality, shareable content creation is a top effective SEO tactic, generating organic traffic and attracting backlinks. 72% of marketers believe in its importance.

Long Term Approach

1 15

A constant, long-term approach to link-building is crucial for noticable impact on rankings. New backlinks take on average 10 weeks to influence search rankings.

Diverse Outreach Tactics

Digital PR

Broken Link Building

Influencer Outreach

Personalised email outreach remains highly effective [79% success rate]. Varied outreach methods such as digital PR, broken backlink building and influencer outreach also remain popular.

Social Media’s Role

There is positive corelation between social media shares and the number of backlinks. so get your content out across your social media channels.

Competitor Analysis


51% of SEO professionals consider competitor backlink analysis crucial.

Local SEO Importance

82% of local businesses consider link building essential for local SEO strategy. Acquiring local backlinks improves search visibility and drives targeted traffic.

Link Building Methods


82% of SEO professionals believe link building will remain vital for SEO.


70% of marketers are planning to use video in their content.

Multi-media content creates chances for diverse backlinks using strategies like digital PR, broken link building, and the skyscraper technique. New link building methods include surveys, user-generated content and voice search optimisation.

6. Local SEO Importance

If you’re a local business owner, sometimes you can wonder if the same rules apply to your link building strategies. Well according to the low-down from our network of local SEO experts, the short answer is yes. In fact, 89% of local SEO experts prioritise link building for their local business clients
Acquiring local backlinks isn’t just a vanity metric; it’s important. When your business connects with other local sites, it’s like a digital handshake that Google can’t ignore. The result is that your shop, cafe, or service suddenly becomes the cool kid. Your search visibility gets a makeover, and the traffic hitting your site is targeted.

7. Competitor Analysis and Strategy

Competitor analysis isn’t just a fancy term; it can be a game-changer when it comes to SEO and link building in particular.
51% of SEO professionals believe that snooping around your competitor’s backlinks is crucial. However, our network confirmed that it’s not about pure voyeurism; it’s strategy. Identifying and targeting the high performers in your niche contributes to successful link-building. You watch and learn, then you adapt, you improve, and you win.
But remember, there are no permanent winners, so you need to keep adapting and evolving to stay one step ahead of the competition.

8. Evolution of Link-Building Methods

So it seems that the experts are still placing their bets on the old school methods when it comes to link building in 2024. And contrary to some premature eulogies, 53% of marketers believe that link building will continue to have a significant impact on rankings in the future.
Guest blogging or contributing articles as they’re sometimes now called, is a tactic that has come under much discussion recently but according to our network of SEO experts it’s still very much alive and kicking.
Likewise, broken link building is still popular, with our friends at Ahrefs uncovering that at least 66.5% of links to sites in the last 9 years are now dead. Allowing you to suggest a relevant and live link to feature in its place.
The Skyscraper Technique is another tried and tested method our network values, where you find competitive content that other sites already link to, create something better, then encourage sites to link to you instead.
So it seems that the link-building methods of 2024 are not new but a testament to the persistence and keeping up the work on the classic tactics.

9. Multimedia Content Dominance

It seems a number of our contacts believe that multimedia content, e.g. videos and podcasts, could really help you acquire a range of quality backlinks. But why?
Well, a well-crafted video has the potential to go viral. Think about it; people love sharing entertaining or informative videos. This isn’t just about views; it’s about the flood of backlinks that can come with it. Not only that but video-sharing platforms, blogs, and websites are always on the lookout for engaging videos to embed. This opens up a floodgate of opportunities for your content to get featured and linked back to your site.

You should also consider podcasts. Podcasts allow you to delve deep into niche topics. And guess what? Niche equals authority. By sharing your expertise through podcasts, you become a go-to source, attracting backlinks from websites wanting to reference your discussions. Even if you’re a guest on someone else’s podcast. It’s not just a chance to showcase your expertise. It’s a strategic move to earn backlinks from their audience and website.
So as we move through 2024 remember that multimedia content isn’t just about following the trend; it’s about strategically positioning yourself for backlinks.

10. Emerging Techniques

Our network of seo and link building experts have said that as well as all of the points made so far, that 2024 will also bring some additional link-building techniques.
For example, smart marketers are using surveys and polls as link-building gold mines. Using them to collect data, share insights, and engage in personalised email outreach.
Likewise, they suggest you encourage your audience to create their own content—reviews, testimonials, or social media shoutouts etc. Our contacts at Stackla report that 79% of consumers trust user-generated content, so if you let your tribe speak, the links will follow.

Finally, in a world saturated with static content, online tools and calculators can stand out. Mediafly’s study reveals that interactive content generates up to 94% more conversions than static content. So think about creating solutions for your audience, and watch the links roll in.
Link building in 2024 is about engaging and adapting. Surveys, user-generated content, and interactive tools are your tickets to success. It seems to us that the future is interactive.



Final Word

In conclusion, link building in 2024 cannot just be a task on your checklist; it’s a strategy that needs dedicated effort. Engaging with classic tasks, adapting to changes, and embracing interactive strategies will make your links the backbone of a robust digital presence. The future is interactive, and it’s time to seize the opportunities it presents.
If you’d like to chat to us about our link-building packages, please drop us a line.

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