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Social Media Brands Experience High Engagement on Smartphones

8th May 2012 Social Media | No Comments has recently released new findings, through a compilation of data in their latest study, which show that social media brands experience heavy engagement via smartphone operating systems.

Using Mobile Metrix 2.0, a service designed to measure mobile usage through on-device measurement and also census-level data, comScore have provided an insight into how effective social media engagement is via the smartphone device.

So what exactly do the figures show us?

The findings revealed that social networking is an extremely popular activity on these devices. A number of brands experienced a high level of engagement on smartphones when compared to lower levels found for users through traditional website access. The figures below highlight some of the findings in more detail, but as we can see Facebook is the top smartphone social site in the U.S with a combined mobile browser and app audience of 78 million total unique visitors during March 2012. Twitter and LinkedIn hold second and third spot, although the figures drop significantly, 25.6 million and 7.6 million respectively. Nonetheless, the figures demonstrate the high volume of people who are regularly and actively engaging on these sites through their mobile phones.

In addition, the average mobile user also visited Facebook through either the app or their Internet browser for more than 7 hours during March. Of this total figure, 80% of the time the site was accessed via the Facebook phone app, which signifies the changing habits we are experiencing for how users accesses information today.

Other popular social sites included Twitter, with an average engagement of two hours during March 2012 for the 25.6 million users accessing the site via mobile. Again, when compared to computer usage, the average time mirrored the same pattern as Facebook with users accessing the site for 20 minutes via a computer. Pinterest reached 7.5 million smartphone users and popular ‘sign in’ social site Foursquare reached 5.5 million users.

The benefits from these changing habits

So we can clearly see that social is becoming a popular area for mobile users who access the Internet and apps via their smartphones, which will be music to the ears of those who have invested heavily in developing a strong social profile. The potential to target and attract new and existing users, share content and messages and engage with an audience is becoming greater and easier to achieve. Mobile centric brands can enhance the power of this platform as a way of communicating with their customers whilst improving brand awareness and traffic to their main website.

As consumers take full advantage of the mobile landscape, more businesses will come to realise the power of mobile. Coinciding with these findings, there is also currently a conscious effort to improve mobile search results as pointed out in an article on Search Engine Land which looks at how the Smartphone bot will affect results. Faster operating systems and improved search results combined with the above findings from comScore show us that mobile is definitely a popular area for social interaction and an area worth investing in for future SEO campaigns. If you combine mobile with desktop sites then there is an even greater chance to be seen, so make sure it’s your company that really stands out.

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