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Facebook’s Professional Mode For Profiles: What To Expect

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Facebook rolls out new features on a regular basis. Their latest update is for Facebook profiles, with a new feature that allows personal accounts to be turned into Professional Profiles. This is very similar to Instagram’s business profile function, and we hope to see similar features used across both platforms. Let’s get into what this means for content creators and advertisers.

Facebook’s new professional profile feature will give content creators the opportunity to turn their Facebook profile into a business-like profile without having to create a new page. What this means is that professional profiles will be able to share content much like a normal Facebook page but without the necessity of a friend request making content sharing an easy and seamless task. What’s even better is that professional mode will also include a new feature to schedule posts, similar to what is available for Pages in the Facebook Business Suite. This will give content creators more control over the posts that they share as new posts won’t need to be published at the time they’re created.

It’s not just content creator posting that will change, “For creators who use Pages, we’ve added new features to the new Pages experience that we rolled out earlier this year, including a professional dashboard that serves as a central destination for admins to review their Page’s performance and access professional tools and insights.” Again, this is similar to how insights work on Instagram, which we believe is Facebook’s plan to create a harmonious user experience between platforms.

However, the biggest change to the new professional mode is the ability to earn revenue. Eligible creators will be able to earn up to USD 35,000 a month based on views of qualifying reels, named the ‘Reels Play bonus programme’. This programme is currently invite-only and open to applicants via the monetisation tool s application in the US, but we don’t think it will be long until it begins rolling out in other countries. Content creators will be able to “earn money by inserting ads into your videos and live streams with in-stream ads and in-stream ads for Live.” This isn’t the only form of revenue that content creators can make. Professional mode will allow for community support which can “Turn your audience into paid supporters with Stars, paid online events and Subscriptions.” Which isn’t too dissimilar from other platforms like Twitch and YouTube, further providing creator and community relationships.

Aside from scheduling and revenue, professional profiles will be able to partner up with other businesses through branded content, which we have seen with business pages and Instagram Business Profiles. Having this ability will make branded content advertising a lot easier to manage and gives content creators the opportunity to collaborate without having to create a new page.

Meta Facebook’s new professional mode is a welcome one, and a feature that really should have been part of Facebook a long time ago. This doesn’t just improve quality of life for content creators, but also advertisers too as it opens the world of collaborating to a wider audience.

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      Stacey Cavagnetto

      Hi Sandy, thanks for your message. Can you clarify what you mean by sign up? Is it related to the ‘professionals mode’, or the part about earning revenue? Thanks, Stacey

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