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Top 5 Facebook Ad Creative Tips

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Creatives are what makes your brand come to life. You can have a great audience ready to use but if you can’t capture the attention of potential customers then you might as well not run ads at all. Our top 5 tips should help you create images and videos that work to your advantage and help attract your carefully chosen audience to visit your website and convert.

  1. Stock Imagery

    Stock imagery is a great way to begin advertising if you’re just starting out or if you don’t have much imagery to hand. There’s plenty of free stock images out there that look great; however, many of them can be instantly identifiable by consumers and could be a turnoff. To change this, we recommend editing your stock images to match your brand in any way possible. This can be by adding your logo, brand colours or adding overlay graphics to enhance a stock photo and make it yours.

  2. Testimonials

    Creating trust between you and your customers is super important, and why not show off your 5-star reviews by turning them into ads. People are more likely to trust your business if you have lots of reviews as well as if you’re rated highly so showing off your highly rated reviews in your ads can help nudge people in the right direction. Try to use these in remarketing ads to persuade interested users to make a purchase and further create more trust with new customers.

  3. Ad Placement

    Facebook provides multiple placements for your ads to appear in, and unfortunately, it’s not a one size fits all. Different placements need different image sizes which means having to create multiple versions of the same ads. This can be time-consuming and not all images will work in different sizes. However, taking the time to create placement specific creatives can provide a more user-friendly experience and are more likely to capture the attention of users on the placement platforms. Sidebar or off-platform creatives tend to be smaller than standard and story ads so make sure you alter the text size to reflect this. Small text on an image might not be readable so it’s always good to preview your ads before publishing.

  4. Video Creatives

    Images are easy to make and can be used across all social platforms through organic and paid. They’re also easy to manipulate for different placements and can be turned into carousels to tell a story, but they’re sometimes not as easy to digest as a video. Videos on Facebook tend to do exceptionally well, with higher engagement, impressions and more likely to convert than images. It’s easier to include more info on a video than a single image so it’s not hard to see why they tend to perform better. We recommend, where possible to use video creatives alongside image ads and find out what works best for your business. There are times that images can outperform videos but it’s worth testing this as you might have a lot of untapped potential.

  5. Offers

    This might seem like an obvious one as we all know people love getting offers and discounts on things they purchase. However, we tend to see that a lot of people use the discount offer in the headline or the caption, but we feel it’s better placed on the image, as you’re more likely to capture the attention of someone with large bold text. Since Facebook got rid of the 20% image text in 2020, you can make the most of your offers by applying them to the image itself. This saves your headline and captions for something a bit punchier that can grab the audience’s attention in a different way.


Hopefully, these tips are enough for you to get started on your creative journey with Facebook ads. If you need help with setting up your audience, make sure to check out our paid social blog insightful hints and tips.

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