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Facebook Catalogue/Dynamic Ads Best Practices

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Facebook’s dynamic ads are very to set up once you have a list of items ready to upload. It’s even easier if you have an e-commerce site that can be linked to your Facebook ad account as this can reduce optimisation time by quite a bit. Below are the top 5 best practices for dynamic ads.

Only use items that are in-stock

This might seem like an obvious one but it’s one that we see time and time again. Promoting out of stock items in the hope that it’ll be back in stock soon is quite redundant. The reason for this is that you’re tempting your audience to make a purchase but might leave them feeling frustrated that you’ve shown them an item that they potentially want only to find you don’t stock it. If you’re running your catalogue from an excel spreadsheet, we recommend removing the items that are out of stock and reuploading a complete in-stock products sheet.

Use a large product set

This one is dependent on your business as we know not all businesses will stock thousands of items. However, the more items and product sets that you have, the better Facebook can adjust and pick the best products for your intended audience.

Optimise for purchases

Optimising for purchases is a given but you’d be surprised how often we see businesses optimising for higher events such as ‘add to cart’. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, and some ad accounts actually benefit more from this, but the way Facebook’s algorithm works doesn’t justify using higher funnel optimisations. By selecting purchases, Facebook will show your ads to people that are most likely to make a purchase through Facebook ads. By selecting page view or add to cart, Facebook will show your ads to people that are most likely to view your products or add them to cart but not to people who are most likely to make a purchases. Make sure you always optimise to your final goal otherwise you might find yourself throwing money away.

Use a broad audience

Facebook audiences are some of the best in the paid media sector. The number of interests, demographics, and behaviours available are quite breathtaking. As great as these audiences are, it can also be very easy to get stuck in the granular detail of what audience to pick. For dynamic ads, we suggest sticking to broad audience choices. Dynamic ads tend to work better when you have a large audience to work with. We recommend the minimum to be 2 million as this will have an audience size large enough to get your ads served to your ideal audience. Feel free to play around with this and add extra interests to widen the size. What we don’t recommend is using an audience that’s below 1,000 as your ads will not serve.

Use remarketing

Another obvious point to include; however, one that can be generally looked over. Remarketing is a powerful tool and can be used to persuade interested people into making a purchase. What’s great about catalogue dynamic ads is that you don’t have to create the audience yourself. Facebook gives you the option to add a remarketing audience based on existing data from your catalogue ads. You can find this in the ad set level where you can set the parameters of your remarketing audience e.g. people who have added items to cart but not purchased in the past 30 days. We recommend creating a separate ad set or a new campaign; however, make sure you change the caption for your ad to something enticing that can bring interested people to finalise their purchase.

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