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Reach More Facebook Users With Custom Audience Targeting

Social Media, Facebook 1st Jul 2015

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This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would.

Howdy Koozai fans. I’m here today to talk to you about custom audience targeting via Facebook. A few months ago Facebook rolled out a new advertising platform or a new advertising option with Facebook ads that kind of picks up where Google’s Remarketing Lists have kind of paved the way for targeting the people that have actually come to your site. I think that this is a very important development. It certainly helps to put the case forward for advertising on Facebook in a much more meaningful way.

Essentially what custom audience targeting does on Facebook is allow you to target the people that have come to your website or even people that you have CRM data for, such as email addresses or telephone numbers, and it allows you to present ads to them on Facebook. The key thing about this is that it enables you to do a number of things really. You can be quite granular with your targeting in that you can pick a particular page on your website that users have gone to that perhaps might be on the path to a purchase or a sign-up, and you might want to kind of leverage that just to give them a nudge, to remind them that that was a great piece of content. Use it in building up an audience based on visits to that particular URL means that you can then present an ad that gives them a strong call to message or a strong reason to go back again and hopefully push them a little bit further down that purchase journey as well. So it works very well in that respect in terms of driving more content engagement from the content marketing efforts that you’re going to be investing into your website.

There is also the big gain, as well, is the lookalike function in that you can look to target people that Facebook define as lookalikes to your audience. So if your particular custom audience has certain characteristics, Google will match other people that you don’t necessarily know based on those characteristics, just to broaden your audience. In that process, you’re broadening your reach and obviously increasing the audience that you are going to be able to speak to.

With the custom audiences, a lot of flexibility as I say. You can create up to 200 custom audiences currently. You can use CRM data, like I say, which is brilliant, for instance, if someone has come to your site some time ago and signed up for a particular, perhaps an email newsletter, but you’ve had no interaction with them since or very little, or you’ve seen the interaction with them has tapered off, Facebook is able to use that data point, the email address or even the phone number to retarget that particular user on Facebook. So it helps to not only reach your engaged audience or potentially engaged audience, helps to reconnect you with an audience member that at some point showed some interest in your brand. So you need to be obviously considerate about your ad format, the content of it so that you’re not just smacking them in the mouth with a sales message, but giving them a good reason to come back to your site.

Also, the third part is that with the lookalikes you’re able to actually increase your overall audience as well.

The bottom line of this is that whatever you choose to kind of target, the granular level that you can drill down to allows you to kind of focus on any number of objectives. It might well be you’re kind of looking at this from a branding point of view and just want to increase Facebook likes of your page. It might well be that you’re wanting to drive more traffic from Facebook to your site, or it might be something a little bit more commercial in that you want to increase sign-ups for an email, or the Holy Grail is to try and drive more actual transactions on your site as well.

This obviously means that you’ve got to be quite savvy about the creatives so that you’re using the correct call to action to capitalise on this level of much more qualified data. We found it’s more and more about targeting particular audiences with particular messages, or targeting particular messages with particular audiences, depending on how you want to view it.

So as a result, I think that custom audience targeting has got a lot of benefits for both big businesses and for small businesses as well. The scale of it is something that can really be applied to any size of business, so it’s well worth looking into.

If you want to find out anything more about that, please get in contact with Koozai at the end of the video using any of the social profiles. Thank you.

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