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SEO Trends with Sally Newman

Quick Vids, SEO Blog 6th Jan 2017

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hi, I’m Sally from Koozai. And you may have seen my interview today on Report Garden and on social. Some of the things I talk about are different trends and how these will affect search in the coming months or next year. One of the things I think will really change the industry is the use of voice search.

And I think that as a SEO’s will have to adapt our strategies to take into account how users are searching online. Another thing that would change is the market share shift in search engines. And I think Google will actually see a decline, whilst bing and other search engines see an increase.

I think that Google will also continue blur the lines between paid and organic search. And users won’t actually know whether they’re actually clicking on a paid ad or an organic listing. Tips for growth for 2017 are to focus on longer form content, video content, and then to really make sure that you’re allowing local optimizations and mobile optimizations, as well, just because they’ve really come into their own in the last kind of six months year really. If you’d like to hear anymore, please check out our website for our services.

Sally Newman

The bubbly, pint-sized Sally lives to the mantra of work hard and play harder. She’s a big fan of rings and Amaretto, is an absolute ray of sunshine to have around the office but probably has the dirtiest sense of humour. That’s why we love her.

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