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Googles Mobile First Index

Quick Vids, SEO Blog 24th Oct 2016

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

I’m Luke, and I’m going to be talking about Google’s recent news with the mobile-first index announcement. This is going to be a really quick video, just to give you a gist of sort of what they’ve announced, what I think you should be doing, and how you can sort of leverage this news to improve your website.

So, essentially, Google, at the moment, index the desktop version of a website, and then if you’re on a mobile, it serves a mobile version to a mobile user. What Google are changing is they’re going to now be indexing the website from a mobile perspective. So the mobile website will take priority over the desktop website. This is currently in testing, so it’s an ongoing process, but Gary Ilyes has announced that this is going to be the case.

My take on this is it doesn’t really change what I see and what you should see from a mobile’s perspective, unless you’re not seeing mobile as an important, integral part to your business. Mobile is the way forward. Last year, searches on mobile exceeded those of desktop. So it’s clear users are favouring mobile over desktop now, and you need to change the way . . . You need to match how users are behaving or else you’re just going to fall behind, and that’s what Google have realised, hence the mobile-friendly boost that they announced and now the mobile-first index.

So what can you do? Essentially, if you don’t have a mobile site, get a mobile site. That’s the long and short of it. You’re likely going to be falling behind your competition, and you’re going to be losing ground in search results.

You want to make sure that, with this mobile site, you’ve optimised it to the full potential. There’s tons of resources out there where you can sort of make sure that you’re ticking all the right boxes. And one thing to be aware of with this mobile-first index is make sure there’s parity between the content you’re serving on your desktop version and the mobile version.

But that’s the gist of this sort of mobile-first index and how it’s going to affect the search landscape. For more information, you can contact me or contact us at Koozai by visiting our website, Koozai.com. Cheers.

Luke Monaghan

Luke’s a pretty chilled guy with a dry sense of humour. He loves his music and is your go-to guy for all things Adele. If he could have a song to describe his life, it would be Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, so he’s pretty ambitious and up for a good time. His party trick is making the sound of dripping water with his mouth – see… that’s a good time!

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