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Make Money With Remarketing

PPC Blog, Videos 9th Dec 2011

2011 is almost over, but if there is one marketing tip that you have to take into 2012, then it is Retargeting, or as it is known on the Google set of websites, Remarketing. It is the highest converting channel that we have seen across all our properties this year, and it is the best way to sell more stuff, which is really our priority as online marketing people.

How does Retargeting work? Well, people visit your website, and a cookie is then placed on their computer. Then, all the websites that they view, be they on the Google display network or other advertising networks, will then show them relevant banner adverts based on what they have done on your website. So if I visit Zavvi.com and then view another website, I am going to see adverts that are relevant to exactly what I’ve just looked at, at Zavvi.com, which is great because those adverts are reminding me to go back and make that purchase.

Now, you do need to limit these adverts, because if you are harassing people too much, it will turn them off, and we have seen that with people messaging us to say we are targeting them too much, which is fantastic, because in a way, your users will tell you if you are doing this wrong, and if you are doing it right, your sales will go up. So it is a great way to engage with people after they have viewed your website and to keep them interested in your brand message.

Good luck with that one in 2012, and be sure to let us know how you get on by visiting Koozai.com or subscribing to any of the profiles below. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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