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Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation 16th Jan 2013

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Hello. I’m going to be talking to you about landing page optimisation. In 2012, conversion rate optimisation became one of the key digital marketing tactics. In 2013, I think it’s going to become even more important. One such element of that is landing page optimisation. Ultimately, these processes are going to make your website more enticing for people to actually sign up and buy stuff from you.

First of all, you really want to align your landing pages with your business objectives. From an SEO point of view, you will have probably assigned a particular keyword to a particular page, and these keywords are likely to be your money terms. These are the terms that are going to bring in the most traffic and the most business to you.

From a landing page point of view, you want to make sure that your page is providing enough information alongside enough trust signals to give them a reason to part money and send that money to you. Another tactic here really is to look at customer testimonials. It will show how good you are with other users. If you’ve got any affiliations with professional bodies relevant to your particular industry, it’s well worth getting those in there as well. Then you want a clear, simple call to action, something that stands out and makes it easier for that user to click on that button and to spend their money with you.

From an AdWords point of view, there are a lot of benefits here in improving the landing pages that you’re using for your ads. Any such improvement is likely to impact on your quality score. If your quality score improves, then you’re likely to improve your position. If your position improves, you’re likely to improve your click-through rate. If your click-through rate improves, you’re likely to positively reduce the investment that you’re spending in AdWords. So ultimately, you start to convert more, but spend less, which is a win-win all around.

Some of the things to consider when you are looking at landing page optimisation is A/B testing. This might be where you test one version of a landing page against another. It can be as simple as testing different variants of fonts used on the page, a different colour scheme. You might want to look at positioning on-page elements differently, like your call to action.

You can take it a step further and test a lot of things using multivariate testing. Successful tests are going to give you insights into how users are using your site and put you in a better opportunity to convert them to customers, either them buying something from you or signing up for more information from you. So it’s well worth the effort.

There are some tools that you can use. There are some paid tools, such as ClickTale and Crazy Egg. These are great heat mapping tools that will show you how your particular page is being navigated around, how much of your page is actually valuable real estate. You’ll likely to see a drop-off in heat as you go down the screen. If your call to action is in the bottom third of the screen, it’s likely to give you a clear insight that you need to move that up.

Google Analytics has its own in-page analytics as well, which creates a heat map so that you can see how people are moving around the screen, what buttons they are clicking on, and you can then start to work out if the key elements that are going to contribute to a sale are in the right place.

There are some tactics from a landing page optimisation that you can do to help improve conversions in 2013. Thanks for listening.

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